KP spokesperson confirms robbery attempt, denies allegations of attack on the Visoki Decani monastery

Kosovska policija
Foto: KoSSev

A Kosovo Albanian reported a theft to police yesterday, alleging that the suspect (A.Y.) forced him and his son to carry out a terrorist attack on the Visoki Decani monastery – reads the Kosovo Police „Flash Report“ from Saturday night. The news was first published by the Kosovo Online portal and the Tanjug news agency. KP spokesperson, Daut Hoxha, however, denied the allegations presented in this police report about the plans to attack the monastery. Hoxha told KoSSev that following an additional police assessment it was concluded that „the story of the attack on the Decani Monastery is false and inaccurate.“

According to the Kosovo Police Rapid Flash Report released last evening, into which KoSSev also has got an insight today, at approximately 6pm yesterday, two ethnic Albanians, a father and son, (HH and JH) reported a case of robbery and coercion. They claimed that an ethnic Albanian, A.Y. (1981), stole their hand luggage and cellphone „forcing them to commit a terrorist attack on the Visoki Decani Monastery.“

On the other hand, KFOR said in a written response to KoSSev that they are not involved in the fight against terrorism in Kosovo, because it does not fall under their mandate.

However, they added that KFOR “closely monitors and continuously observes the situation in close cooperation with local and international security organizations. In the case of any kind of warning that could affect the security situation, KFOR is prepared to impartially adopt all necessary measures.“

KP spokesperson, Daut Hoxha confirmed that an attempted robbery took place yesterday and that the suspect was identified and arrested by Kosovo police.

Hoxha, however, pointed out a subsequent police assessment revealed that the allegations of the attack on the monastery were incorrect.

„The information on the attack on the monastery was checked and it turned out to be incorrect,“ he said.

According to the KP spokesperson, the complainant allegedly „used a story related to the suspect’s past to mislead the security services.“

This person received 48-hour long detention on suspicion of committing the crime of robbery and coercion. The case is still open.

Neither the initial report of the Kosovo Police nor Hoxha’s written response to KoSSev revealed the reasons why the complainant presented allegations of a terrorist attack.



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