KP on the attack on the man in the village of Zebince: Minor bodily injuries

Ilustracija kosovska policija
Foto: KoSSev, Ilustracija

In its daily report, the Kosovo police registered last night’s attack on a man in the village of Zebince in the municipality of Novo Brdo, who was tending livestock at the time. While the Kosovo Office confirmed last night that the attacked man was an ethnic Serb, N.P., today’s brief statement of the police revealed no details on his identity.

According to the KP daily report, at approximately 8 pm last night, a man from Kosovo filed a report to the police that two unknown men, who approached him in a vehicle, assaulted him while he was tending livestock.

The attackers then fled in an unknown direction, the police added.

The assault victim received medical assistance, and the incident was registered in the report as a case of „minor bodily injuries“.

Today’s report of the Kosovo police reveals no further details about the case.

The Kosovo Office confirmed that a 23-year-old ethnic Serb, N.P. had been brutally attacked last night – at the same place and time as in the case registered by the police.

As this office stated last night, N.P. was tending to his livestock, when a car blocked his path, from which three Albanians stepped out and „brutally attacked him“.

„He sustained multiple injuries and was transferred to the hospital in Gnjilane/Gjilan, the case was reported to the police,“ the Kosovo Office confirmed last night.

Residents of the village of Zebince told RTV Kim that the attackers allegedly got out of a BMW type vehicle and started beating the young man.

Zebince resident Dragan Vasic told this media outlet that N.P. stopped on his way because he thought that the „three men wanted to ask him something“, and that the police patrol tried to stop the vehicle the attackers were in on the road between Prekovac and Labljane, but that they escaped.

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