KP carries out vehicle checks at the entrance to the Hospital Center following a threat

The Kosovo Police are stopping and searching vehicles entering the North Mitrovica Clinical Center complex as of this morning, the spokesman of the Kosovo Police for the region north, Branislav Radovic confirmed for KoSSev. The checks are taking place throughout Kosovo and even in the north due to the threat of a possible knife attack.

A person threatened to attack with a knife anyone found in health institutions, and this information was forwarded from Pristina to the north region, Radovic revealed.

He stated that the person who sent the threat mentioned a dozen health institutions and private clinics in Kosovo, as well as the North Mitrovica Clinical Center, which is why preventive measures are been taken to check the vehicles entering the complex.

KoSSev made several attempts to obtain additional details of the case from the Kosovo Police Directorate in Pristina, however, no reply had arrived prior to this news been published.



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