KP: 6,300 bullets found in a car with Serb markings in Josanica, an ethnic Serb arrested

FOTO: Kosovska policija

Members of the Kosovo Police confiscated over 6,000 bullets discovered in a vehicle with Serb license plates and arrested an ethnic Serb, J. Z. (1981) at the checkpoint in the village of Josanica in the municipality of Leposavic.

According to the KP, J.Z. was pulled over at a checkpoint manned by the Rapid Intervention Unit of the Regional Administration of the Border Police North in Josanica.

While searching the vehicle, the police found and confiscated around 6,300 bullets.

J. Z. was arrested and remanded in custody for a 48-hour period, and criminal proceedings were initiated against him.

„The police continue with increased activities on maintaining security and prevention of criminal activities, including the prevention of smuggling in the north,“ the Kosovo Police said in a statement.

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