KoSSev editor wins the „Katarina Preradović“ award

The Katarina Preradović Foundation award for professional integrity, excellence, selflessness, and courage was awarded this year to Tatjana Lazarević, Editor-in-Chief of the KoSSev portal. „In extremely difficult circumstances, she succeeded in maintaining professionalism, objectivity, and analytical skills in order to protect the public interest.“

The award will be presented to KoSSev’s editor on October 10th, at 1 p.m. in Dorćol Square.

This is the seventh annual award presented by this foundation.

To mark the occasion, a forum will be organized on the topic „Attacks on journalists in Kosovo and the crisis in the north of Kosovo.“ The topic will be discussed by this year’s winner, Tatjana Lazarević, along with editors and journalists from media who are constantly under pressure and attacks from the regime such as Danas, N1, Krik, FoNet, and Insajder.

The Katarina Preradović Foundation was launched in memory of the journalist and editor of Blic and the weekly magazine NIN, who consistently sought the truth.

It was founded seven years ago by family members, colleagues, and friends of Preradović, long-time editors and journalists of esteemed Belgrade newsrooms, and members of the Council for the Fight against Corruption.

This foundation says that by giving this award, they want to highlight and support journalists who consistently work in the interest of society, protecting and revealing the truth.

„We reward and support individuals who bravely, at the cost of personal safety, stand guard to ethics, freedom, and the aspiration to live in an orderly and just society,“ they stated.

Previous winners of the „Katarina Preradović“ award are Marko Somborac (Blic), Predrag Blagojević (Južne vesti), Tamara Skrozza (FoNet), Vuk Z Cvijić (NIN), Ana Lalić (Nova), Dragana Pećo (Krik) and Ivana Gordić Perc (Voice).



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