Kosovo Serb schools dismiss classes, too

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Some schools in Kosovo Serb communities operating under the curriculum of the Republic of Serbia have suspended classes as of today, while only the first class was held in other schools, at which students were notified of preventive measures, according to KoSSev’s findings. However, even though students are not attending classes, according to a decision by the Serbian government – made a day after Pristina closed all schools until March 27, schools in Serb communities will officially close on Monday.

According to unofficial reports, only the first class was held today in North Mitrovica schools, at which students were notified about the preventitive and protective measures to be taken against the coronavirus. The students were sent home after the class. The schools, however, are still open.

Mira Guresic, the head of the Rector’s Cabinet, told Radio Kontakt Plus that the University of Pristina with a temporary headquarters in North Mitrovica will also be closed due to the coronavirus.

Guresic said that the decision to postpone all classes from Monday, March 16th was made at a University Collegium meeting yesterday. She added that the lectures and exams were only postponed for two weeks.

KoSSev unofficially discovered that classes were suspended today at the Sveti Sava elementary school in Pones, near Gnjilane/Gjilan, which is located in the same courtyard as the school operating under the Kosovo system. Educational institutions in Donja Budriga, Pasjane and Silovo are also closed as of today.

Only professors and associates came to certain high schools in Gjilan/Gnjilane this morning.

KoSSev portal unofficially learned that the students of the Kralj Milutin elementary school in Gracanica also did not attend school this morning.

On the other hand, the professors came to school – where classes on preventative measures were held in the previous days. Some professors also held PTA meetings, with a focus on preventive measures against the coronavirus.

According to the KoSSev portal’s findings, this school has decided to assign homework to students online while the school is closed.

The Kosovo government adopted 11 measures a day earlier, on the proposal of Kosovo Minister of Health, Arben Vitia for the protection against the coronavirus, while one of the main measures was to close all schools until March 27. A day after this decision by the Kosovo government, the head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric announced that the Serbian government decided to close all schools in Serb-majority communities in Kosovo starting from March 16th.

The Kosovo Police from the Gnjilane region confirmed for KoSSev that the Kosovo Police visited some schools in Serb-majority communities yesterday morning, demanding from the school principles to comply with the measures of the Kosovo government. The media unofficially reported on the same events taking place in other parts of Kosovo.

Furthermore, the Kosovo Police spokesman for the region north, Branislav Radovic told KoSSev that the same thing happened in the north of Kosovo this morning.

Kosovo police warned yesterday that it would be sanctioning those responsible for not respecting the Kosovo government’s decision to close all schools. KoSSev failed to obtain official confirmation on the school operation from the head of the school administration, Jasmina Dedic, who is also an MP in the new parliament, despite trying to get in touch with Dedic both today and yesterday.



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