Kosovo Serb opposition: False news that we are forming a coalition today

Kosovska Mitrovica, Crvkva Sv. Dimitrija, grad, panorama, dron
Foto: Kushtrim Isa

Kosovo Serb opposition leaders denied to KoSSev the news that they will form the coalition today at noon in Gracanica. The news was originally published by the newly launched site “Kosovo online” and to Serb media republished by the Beta agency. They confirmed the ongoing talks, but whether the coalition will be formed primarily depends on the democracy capacities within the Kosovo Serb community, given the two political killings which happened so far.

The original information was based on the alleged founding of a broad coalition of parties from the Serbian community, led by Rada Trajkovic, Aleksandar Jablanovic, Nenad Rasic, Nenad Radosavljevic, Dragisa Miric, Ksenija Bozovic and Marko Jaksic.

The news referred to unnamed sources, however.

The majority of KoSSev’s interlocutors denied that a meeting would be held today. They confirmed that consultations are underway. Some of them even expressed suspicions of even being wiretapped.

No meeting at 12, the talks are unofficial and there will be meetings in the future. Wiretapping?

One of the political representatives Nenad Radosavljevic told KoSSev that there are talks about a coalition, but that they are still unofficial. Radosavljevic challenged the source of the information.

„Of course it is being discussed, of course we will meet, but when and where, we will not say. Because no one is safe in these crazy times. Where did this information even come from? It’s not clear to me. I was the only one who coordinated all of this and who talked to everyone. I think they’re spying on me,“ he stressed.

According to Radosavljevic, the information that a meeting will be held in Gracanica at noon today is “incorrect.” He also emphasized that Aleksandar Jablanovic is not part of the coalition talks.

„That is not true. By no means can Aleksandar Jablanovic be part of this coalition. It would only be possible if I wasn’t a part of it. Aleksandar Jablanovic was also in Srpska Lista, which we should fight against, he was part of it, but by making some mistakes he just happened to fall out of it and to fall out of favor with the Belgrade authorities,“ Radosavljevic told KoSSev, adding that talks between the opposition parties should occur in the future.

„As far as the time is concerned, it won’t happen today, but it will happen,“ Radosavljevic said.

Trajkovic: Incorrect, we are talking, but it depends on the democratic conditions in the Serbian community itself

„Incorrect. We are talking, but we have not yet reached a decision,” the president of the European Movement of Kosovo Serbs and a university professor, Rada Trajkovic also denied the news, explaining that Serbian politicians who are not part of the Srpska Lista are currently participating in consultations.

„It’s an arbitrary statement. It is not true at all. The Serbs are currently participating in consultations, we are talking among ourselves,“ she told KoSSev.

The president of the European Movement of Kosovo Serbs then claimed that the fate of the coalition depends on the conditions, primarily in the Serbian community itself.

Whether the Kosovo Serb opposition will succeed in reaching the consensus to play proactively given the circumstances of the current lack of democratic potential within this community – it remains to be seen – Trajkovic underlined.

She also spoke of two political assassinations – Oliver Ivanovic and Dimitrije Janicijevic.

„We are talking to diplomatic representatives, we will hold consultations among ourselves, after that we will normally try to talk with the Alliance in Belgrade and reach a decision,“ Trajkovic told KoSSev.



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