Kosovo Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj, received Srpska Lista leadership – Goran Rakic and Milan Radoicic

Potpredsednik Srpske liste Milan Radojičić i kosovski premijer Ramuš Haradinaj
Milan Radojičić i Ramuš Haradinaj

Kosovo Prime Minister met today, upon his arrival from the WB summit leaders in London, with Srpska Lista chief Goran Rakic and its Vice-President Milan Radoicic. Haradinaj met them over a working meeting in his office, Pristina media reported citing a press release.

„The overall situation in the country was discussed in the meeting, with special emphasis on security aspects, as well as economic and social development,“ the press release sent from the Prime Minister’s office said.

It was the sole information, without any further details, except for the photographs, showing the party Vice President Milan Radoicic sitting next to the Prime Minister.

Before the release of the news, the information had not been publicised via his official site nor Ramush Haradinaj’s Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Milan Radoicic is one of the five newly appointed vice presidents of the chief party of Kosovo Serbs. His name stirred major negative publicity in the wider region and internationally earlier this year, after the murder of prominent Kosovo Serb leader Oliver Ivanovic in January, at the time he did not hold any official political duty, instead he was running the Restaurant Grey in North Mitrovica.

The Kosovo Prime Minister himself named Milan Radoicic late last year on the political TV show „Slobodno Srpski“ – as „someone from the North who has been asked for everything“ and with whom he talks, as well as with other Srpska Lista leaders back at the time. Since then he has repeatedly confirmed the importance of Radoicic’s role in Kosovo Serbian politics and his influence.

Belgrade officials have on the contrary restrained on several occasions to confirm to media either of socialising with Radoicic or his political influence.

Kosovo Office Chief Marko Djuric, North Mitrovica Mayor Goran Rakic, Aleksandar Spiric, Milan Radoicic and his new Vice President colleague Igor Simic were seen, nevertheless, celebrating outside, with champagne served by Milan Radocic’s staff, a persuasive victory of Srpska Lista in the Kosovo election in November last year. At the North Mitrovica square, near the Srpska Napredna Stranka premises, they were accompanied by their followers, among whom were seen some of the town’s prominent professionals, while talking to Serbian Presidents Aleksandar Vucic on the phone, which was publicly heard, who congratulated them on victory.

Also, President Vucic publicly thanked Radoicic and a few other Kosovo Serbs last year for keeping Kosovo Serbs safe.

Milan Radoicic has so far never publicly addressed the media. Srpska Lista is a coalition partner in Ramush Haradinaj’s government.

Milan Radojičić i Ramuš Haradinaj
Milan Radojičić i Ramuš Haradinaj

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