Vučić: The West pays Kosovo Serb media to criminalize Serbs

Attempts to „take down Serbia, recognize the independence of Kosovo, and destroy the independence and sovereignty of our country“ are at hand, the Serbian president warned last night during a guest appearance on Happy TV. Vučić alleged that to „take down“ Serbia, Kosovo Serbs are also used to „print posters against Serbia, say the worst things about Serbia proper and do dirty work for them on the ground.“ According to him, media that report in Serbian in Kosovo are also used for this purpose, paid by the West to „criminalize Serbs and to place the blame on the Serbs in a wily way.“

During his appearance last night on Happy TV, Vučić addressed the latest developments in Kosovo, including the CBK regulation on cash transactions.

In response to journalist Milomir Marić’s remark that „Kurti is doing what he is used to doing“, and that „there are not hasty moves, but that someone approved them“, Vučić replied that „someone is thoroughly working to put pressure on the Serbs daily and devise new actions“.

In his words, the key question is „what Serbia can do in these geopolitical circumstances“ and how it can protect Kosovo Serbs.

„To be completely fair, it is extremely difficult… The situation is not easy, not because someone did not do their job, on the contrary, it is precisely because someone did their job. In the conditions of major conflicts, subordination and obedience are demanded from us without exception, and when we want to make decisions on our own, that’s when we become a problem,“ said Vučić.

The Serbian president underlined that the Serbian dinar is the only legal currency in Kosovo and Metohija, noting that „all others are not“.

He says that Serbia is managing to deliver money to Kosovo Serbs and that they will continue to fight.

According to him, Kosovo has “no documentation, nothing” to support the use of the euro.

He also commented Western countries’ urgings for Pristina to postpone the implementation of the CBK regulation on cash transactions.

„Foreigners say that Kosovo is an independent state and as such it can do whatever it wants,“ he added.

In turn, Vučić had a question for these international officials: „If that is true, why is there a dialogue, why are you talking to us at all?“

Foreign services reports

The Serbian president claims that he came into possession of documents that were allegedly „prepared by two foreign services for their Ministry of Foreign Affairs.“

He failed to specify which services and from which country, but he did say that the report underlined that „it is a problem that Serbia does not recognize Kosovo, that it is tolerant towards Dodik and that it is a training ground from which the Russian media can freely speak out“.

He stated that the documentation further says that „they have to fight against it“ – in order to „break the trust of the people in Vučić and those who lead national politics“.

„Attempts to undermine Serbia’s position in Kosovo and Metohija“

„That’s why people should not have any doubt that everything someone does that concerns elections and democracy… it’s all aimed at destroying Serbia’s position in Kosovo and Metohija,“ alerted Vučić.

He alleged that „Kurti is in a big hurry“, and that the Kosovo PM has an adviser from Great Britain „whose family suffered a lot in Kosovo“, who „is leading him towards those solutions“.

„It will be hard, they are in a hurry to wrap as many things as possible before the European and American elections. Even in the European elections, these greens and leftists will get fewer votes than before. They will hasten and try to speed things up. The US elections are crucial this year, very vital for the whole world,“ says Vučić.

While grateful to the Europeans and Americans for „not desiring instability“, on the other hand, he says that Kurti has the support of certain countries.

„’You push forward, we will criticize you, mention sanctions, but there will be no substantial sanctions.’ However, the Americans, I have to admit, were a little more fair than the Europeans, and we will see if that will come to be,“ he added.

He revealed to the citizens of Serbia that „all this hype“, including in the foreign media, is being led in order to „destroy Serbia“ both from the outside and the inside.

Drawings on the board

The Serbian president then presented a visual interpretation of how the attempts to „destroy Serbia“ are being carried out.

In that context, he spoke about arming the Albanians, with the aim of „disarming the Serbs“.

He also cited influence through political parties, including via the „engagement of Serbs“ in Kosovo:

„Those who are going to print posters against Serbia, say the worst things about Serbia proper and do the dirty work for them on the ground,“ warned Vučić.

The West pays Kosovo Serb media to criminalize Serbs

He also claimed that „the ‘world’ media has been lying for days that we are going to attack someone and go to war with someone.“

Moreover, Vučić alleged that regional media, including some outlets in Serbia proper and Pristina, are being used to „strike at Vučić“.

Addressing the media reporting in Serbian in Kosovo, Vučić says:

„Of course, you come to Kosovo and Metohija, where you must also have Serbian media. When you don’t have Serbs in Kosovo who will speak against Serbia, then you will pay them directly to do so.“

„Then you have Serbian media in Kosovo and Metohija paid by the West to criminalize the Serbian people, to place the blame on the Serbs in a wily way. Now we have Kurti who is taking down everything, removing the dinar, taking people’s lives, doing whatever he wants, and then they tell you – you didn’t protect the Serbs. Then you get a question from someone falsely coming from Kosovo and Metohija, supposedly from worried Serbs who say: let’s ask the president if there were discussions in June or July in the dialogue about the dinar,“ adds Vučić.

In his opinion, these are „meaningless questions“, but also a way „a hybrid war is being waged against a country“.

„No matter how many times you catch them in a lie, they will continue to do it daily. This will continue with only one goal – the destruction of Serbia, the recognition of Kosovo’s independence, and the destruction of the independence and sovereignty of our country,“ added Vučić.

Ethnic cleansing

In addition to the attempt to „destroy Serbia“, Vučić also spoke about the „ethnic cleansing of Serbs in Kosovo“ perpetrated by Kurti.

„Now it is clear to us that Kurti is going for open ethnic cleansing of the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija,“ warned Vučić.

He also commented on the request forwarded yesterday to hold a session of the UN Security Council regarding Pristina’s latest moves.

„We have to get an answer in the coming days. Of the 15 countries, 6 did not recognize Kosovo, 9 did.“

Speaking about the letters he announced he would be sending to international representatives, Vučić repeated that each letter is personalized, but also that he has written 13 total so far.

„It is up to us to try to say that we want peace and stability, we don’t want wars. The only result of all your lies is the beginning of the ethnic cleansing of Serbs, because there are 12% fewer Serbs in the north of Kosovo. It is the dirtiest and most insidious ethnic cleansing,“ said Vučić.

I am not deceiving them

The Serbian president denied allegations that he has been „deceiving the West around the Kosovo issue for 12 years.“

He noted that it is impossible because they are smarter than him.

„If that were true, wouldn’t you be proud and happy instead of attacking me for it? I managed to do that for 12 years, since you handed over Kosovo and it declared independence back in 2008, you also handed it over in 2004 when you were silent when they were committing murders, when the March pogrom took place,“ said Vučić, addressing the opposition in Serbia.

I brought Kosovo back to the table, we even strengthened the position of the Serbian people

On Banjska: They armed themselves because they felt helpless, they will be held accountable for criminal acts

Addressing criticism that „Banjska will be his downfall“, Vučić asked those saying so: „Why do you hate your people so much?“

„You believe that some people armed themselves, and they will certainly be held accountable for the crimes committed. But I don’t have to lead the chase and campaign against them, there are plenty of people in the whole world who will lead the chase and campaign. They did so because they felt so helpless and believed that they could do nothing else against those who persecute them in every possible way,“ the Serbian president added.

He once again mentioned the guarantees of the Europeans and the Americans that Pristina would not arrest the participants of the barricades in the north of Kosovo.

He says that they heard those guarantees when he spoke with foreigners on the phone, while representatives of Kosovo Serbs were in the room, including Milan Radoičić.

„They told me that they don’t trust either the Europeans or the Americans. I say, I don’t have anyone else to trust at this moment, I can’t get any bigger guarantees than signatures and guarantees that the Albanians won’t persecute them. They signed and accepted it and after three months the arrests began… They fulfilled everything, but in the end they fulfilled nothing,“ assessed the Serbian president.

He alleged that he „unintentionally lied to the Serbs“.

Vučić also had a message for those who say that „Vučić is guilty“:

„What should I do? Do you want us to share the Houthis’ fate? They would no longer raise planes over Serbia, they would raise them over the surrounding countries and from there they would hit us with cruise missiles or from the Mediterranean Sea. Do you want us to have that in Serbia?“

Vučić emphasized that he is fighting for Kosovo Serbs and that he did not give up even under the heaviest pressures.

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