Kosovo Privatization Agency on the Jedinstvo premises: „Lux“ was the owner, the building was privatized in 2012


„Lux“ company is the legal owner of the building where the editorial office of the newspaper Jedinstvo was situated, and not any other person, organization or company. The building was privatized in 2012 and the premises are now owned by Ekrem Peci, the Kosovo Privatization Agency said in a statement for KoSSev. Meanwhile, the editorial office of Jedinstva has been holding work meetings outside, near their former premises.

In the middle of the month, the staff of Jedinstvo left the premises where the editorial office was located in Oslobođenja Street in North Mitrovica.

The newspaper’s director, Rada Komazec, said that the employees learned around two months ago that the building was actually privatized and sold, when the lawyer of the new owner allegedly knocked on their door and told them that they must move out by May 15.

Komazec contested the allegations of ownership, claiming that after leaving its premises in Pristina in 1999, Jedinstvo was given a facility in Mitrovica for use by the Coordination Center for Kosovo and Metohija, which it had previously purchased from a private person, Ljubomir Biševac.

However, Biševac, the director of „Lux“ company from North Mitrovica, Milorad Laketić, as well as the judge and former member of the High Council of the Judiciary, Blagoje Jakšić, were legally convicted because in 1997, as it was established, they concluded a fictitious contract for the purchase and sale of 324 square meters business premises in Kosovska Mitrovica.

According to the verdict, that contract was made between the company „Lux“ as the seller and the company owned by Biševac as the buyer.

Jakšić was convicted because, as per the verdict, as the president of the Municipal Court in Kosovska Mitrovica, he ordered a fictitious contract to be notarized by falsifying the official documents of that court, despite being aware that Biševac would not be actually be purchasing the premises, the price of which was not even specified in the contract.

Although the verdict found that the contract was fictitious, Komazec told KoSSev in mid-May that Biševac allegedly entered into possession of the disputed premises, but that she had no knowledge of other details.

What does the Privatization Agency say?

On May 15, the day when Jedinstvo employees left the premises, the KoSSev portal reached out to the Privatization Agency of Kosovo, their answer arrived today.

The agency denied the claims that the facility was owned by the Coordination Center, that is, they claim that before being privatized it was owned by Lux.

„The business facility – IBAR supermarket of the company Lux was owned by the company until its privatization on July 16, 2012, in the 54th wave of privatization to Ekrem Peci. Currently, the property is owned by a private person, Ekrem Peci“, the Agency stated.

At the same time, they reject the allegation that the building was previously privatized, that is, on two occasions.

„It is not true, the legal owner of the property – the supermarket IBAR was the company Lux, and not some other person, organization or other company.“

They emphasized that after privatization the contract was signed on July 16, 2012.

Moreover, they also state that no one has ever submitted a request to them, as well as to the liquidation body of “Lux” company, claiming ownership of this property.

„The Lux liquidation body started the liquidation procedure on August 19, 2013, and the deadline for submitting credit/property claims was October 11, 2013,“ they said.

They emphasize that the advertisement for the sale of this property was public.

„According to the information we have, Lux is the legal owner of the property – IBAR supermarket, and not any other person, organization or company.“

Jedinstvo holds meetings outside

During that time, employees of the Jedinstvo employees have been holding outdoor work meetings at the end of the Mitrovica promenade, near the premises where they were housed.

The director of the company „Panorama – Jedinstvo“ and the editor of the newspaper Rada Komazec said on Thursday that the employees „are not without property“, recalling the premises where the editorial office was located before 1999 in Pristina.

She once again requested that they be allowed to return, stating that for „each square foot“ they have documentation confirming ownership.

„They expelled us in 1999. We don’t want anything that does not belong to us. We want to return to our own premises and that is the request we are making,“ she said.

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