KFOR: Warehouse containing toxic substances in Djakovica is closing, citizens’ safety was jeopardized

Opasne materije - skladišta

KFOR’s mission, as part of the monitoring of all facilities storing toxic chemicals, estimated that it is necessary to remove toxic substances from a warehouse in Djakovica because they pose a life-threatening hazard.

KFOR experts inspected the controversial facility in Djakovica yesterday. Chemicals will be moved to a new, safer warehouse, away from the populated area – the mission wrote in a statement.

KFOR stated that Kosovo institutions regularly carry out such activities in order to improve the conditions of storage of toxic substances and to ensure a healthier and safer environment for all residents.

„Similar improvements in warehouse facilities have been made recently in other locations such as Pec and Janjevo,“ they add.

Citizens in Gorazdevac worried about the disposal of chemical waste near the settlement

The residents of Gorazdevac and surrounding villages have repeatedly protested in recent months against chemical waste disposal on the Swiss factory plot and have launched a petition in order to prevent further waste disposal.

Although representatives of protesters met with the representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning and international representatives, the waste was not removed from this parcel. On the contrary, several trucks containing chemical waste, accompanied by police, KSF and the fire brigade, were delivered to the same location a few days ago.



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