Jablanovic reports an attack by SL activists; Police say there are no elements of a crime

Aleksandar Jablanović
Foto: KoSSev

A former Kosovan and Serbian official from Leposavic, Aleksandar Jablanovic, was attacked last night in the center of Leposavic, as he testified himself, by two Srpska Lista activists – P.V. and B.S. Jablanovic also confirmed the news for KoSSev, noting that the police „arrested two people“ today. The police, however, say that no elements of a crime were found, and that „a misdemeanor report will most likely be filed“ – as no physical confrontation actually occurred. They also refused to reveal the identity of the alleged attackers. The police are taking statements of all parties and investigating the circumstances of this case.

In a press release issued today, the Party of Kosovo Serbs, headed by Jablanovic, condemned last night’s incident. The party also shared its version of the events.

„At 7.30 pm last night, on December 28, 2021, in the center of Leposavic, two Srpska Lista activists (P.V. and B.S.), driving a WV Passat vehicle, blocked the road of the vehicle Aleksandar Jablanovic was driving at the time. SL activists, who were under influence of alcohol, then approached Jablanovic’s vehicle, shouting threats and insults at him. They told him to get out of the vehicle and fight them, to which Mr. Jablanovic did not respond. SL activists, while continuing with threats and insults, did not allow Jablanovic to continue driving. After continuing to threaten and insult him, they moved on. The case was also reported to the police station in Leposavic,“ the party wrote in a statement.

In addition to the full names of the alleged attackers, which the party also revealed in the press release, Jablanovic also submitted the photos of the purported attackers to KoSSev.

The photographs in question were taken at public events. One of the photographs was taken at a gathering of SL activists against Jablanovic at the time his father was the mayor of Leposavic – in the spring of 2017. The second was taken at the Serbian Presidency when SL activists met with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in Spring 2019.

Jablanovic and his party claim that the attack has a political background and that it was motivated by arrogance and hatred towards political opponents.

They also underlined that it was not the first time P.V. and B.S. threatened or attacked members of his party.

„We demand that the Kosovo Police and the Prosecutor’s Office take this case seriously, and that the attackers are prosecuted and punished in an urgent procedure, as well as that the instigators of this attack are found,“ they stressed.

Hoti: No elements of a crime

The Deputy Commander of the Kosovo Police for the region north, Besim Hoti, told KoSSev that the ongoing investigation has shown that, according to the prosector’s decision, no elements of a crime were found in this case, given that no physical confrontation actually occurred. Therefore, the case remains at the level of verbal conflict, Hoti added.

„That is why a misdemeanor report will most likely be filed. I emphasize once again that we are taking the statements of all parties and investigating the circumstances of this case,“ Hoti said.

He could not confirm the identity of the two people who were also called to give statements, pointing out once again that there was no physical conflict and that the investigation is ongoing.



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