Is Tony Blair negotiating on Serbia’s behalf? Vucic: My name is not Tony

The delimitation is being discussed more than ever and Tony Blair is negotiating on behalf of Serbia, the head of the People’s Party (Narodna stranka), Vuk Jeremic said on the Novi Dan (New Day) talk show on N1 TV earlier last week. Five days later, from Moscow, the Serbian President denied these allegations. Jeremic claimed to learn the news from European officials in New York – where he attended this year’s session of the UN General Assembly as its former president. Tony Blair was one of the leading advocates of the bombing of FR Yugoslavia in ’99 earning negative publicity in the Serbian public.

The former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is supposedly advocating the delimitation idea in Berlin and Washington on Serbia’s behalf, Vuk Jeremic said.

„The most dangerous tactical maneuver on the issue of Kosovo is happening right now, the delimitation is being discussed more than ever. I repeat, Tony Blair is currently negotiating with the highest officials of the most powerful countries in the world on Serbia’s behalf,” Jeremic underlined last week.

Vucic did not give up on delimitation but handed it over to Tony Blair?

Jeremic said, citing unnamed sources from Europe, that Tony Blair met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel last week to try softening her apparently firm stance against delimitation.

„He also spoke with senior French officials, and next week he will hold important meetings in Washington – as he arranged with Aleksandar Vucic in Belgrade during the first week of July,“ further claimed Jeremic.

He stated that President Vucic did not give up on the idea of delimitation but actually handed it over to Tony Blair precisely due to the resistance he encountered from the Church, the opposition, and the international community, including the non-governmental sector.

Jeremic further claimed that the deal with Tony Blair was made in Belgrade at the beginning of July this year. Allegedly a compensation amount of $150,000 per month for Blair’s involvement could be heard „in the hallways of the United Nations Building“.

Both the church and the opposition have assumed a very negative attitude regarding delimitation, which is why Vucic made the decision to do this far from the public eye from now on, said Jeremic.

The alleged advisory role of Tony Blair was also discussed today in the Serbian Parliament. Some opposition deputies requested to be familiarized with a platform from which Tony Blair is allegedly conducting these talks, under whose authority and under what conditions.

Jeremic recalled his earliest claims about Tony Blair’s role in the resolution of the Kosovo issue via Twitter on September 26th.

Djuric to opposition: They have no moral right to ask anything

Neither Vucic nor Blair have denied these allegations, this political leader claimed.

People from that Alliance (Savez za Srbiju), which Jeremic is also a part of, „have no moral right to ask anything“ – the head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric said, who was the first one to react.

„Fortunately, they are not in the position to ask anything in the name of the people,“ he added.

Vucic from Moscow: My name’s not Tony, my name’s Aleksandar

The Serbian President finally denied these claims last night from Moscow.

No money was given to anyone to negotiate on the Kosovo issue on his behalf, Serbian Beta Agency reported.

„He (Blair) is not negotiating anything. I am negotiating, and this is the decision of both the executive authority and the government (of Serbia) and my decision. I accept it as a burden and obligation. My name is not Tony or whatever. My name is Aleksandar,“ Vucic told Pink TV.

KoSSev wrote to the „Tony Blair Institute for Global Change“ website today requesting answers on the current press allegations about the role of the former British Prime Minister in the current lobby activities on the Kosovo issue.

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