International Day of Rural Women: I love the countryside, I love to produce

Today is the International Day of Rural Women. It was established to pay tribute to rural women and their work, which plays a critical role in the global economy. According to available data, although women make up half of the population in Kosovo, only 4.9% of them are registered as owners of agricultural enterprises, while only 13.3% of women are employed. Women’s work in the house, with children, in the field and in the community remains unpaid, while their hard work does not provide them with even basic social security because the majority of the unemployed do not pay contributions. See how women in the countryside view their position today, how much it has changed and how they spend their day in a short film made by Radio Gorazdevac – the only media outlet from Metohija reporting in the Serbian language. The short film centers on interviews Radio Gorazdevac conducted with Bilja Popovic from the village of Belo Polje, Sladjana Miletic from Brestovik village and Miroslavka Simonovic from Gorazdevac.

The production of this film was supported by the British Embassy in Pristina and the International Organization for Migration (IOM)




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