Incentive for the information on the murder of Oliver Ivanovic now increased to €20,000. Many of the cases of torched cars resolved in the North?

zamenik generalnog direktora Policije Kosova Dejan Janković
Zamenik generalnog direktora Policije Kosova Dejan Janković, Foto: Screenshot, Youtube, SLobodno Srpski

The Deputy Director Of Kosovo Police, Dejan Jankovic was a guest of the talk-show Slobodno Srpski where he stated that the award for relevant information on the murder of Oliver Ivanovic is now €20,000 which contradicts the information published by the police in the aftermath of the murder when the information was valued at €10,000. During a one-on-one conversation with the host, Budimir Nicic, Jankovic also informed the public that many of the cases of torched cars in the North have been resolved.

Nine months after the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, the Deputy Director of Kosovo Police, Dejan Jankovic, commented on the case on Slobodno Srpski. However, he did not share any relevant new information, but used the opportunity to reveal that the award for any relevant information on this case is €20,000 and to encourage citizens to contact the police, ensuring them their identity will not be revealed.

Jankovic also commented on the cases of torched cars in the north, explaining that although he did not have exact information, he was “sure a lot of the cases that were processed were resolved.”

Until May this year, there have been 33 cases of car arson in north Kosovo and til the same date none of the cases were resolved, as confirmed by commander of the police station in North Mitrovica, Djordje Karamarkovic.

Unlike the cases of arson in north Kosovo, Jankovic stated that robbery cases in the area of Novo Brdo are “without significant results”.

Car arson and robbery cases are very complex to solve because the perpetrators carefully monitor the position of the police patrols and are well-organized, explained the Deputy Director of Kosovo Police. He also added that the success rate of solving serious crimes, such as murder was 85% in 2016 and is even higher in 2017. A higher rate of reports of domestic violence, Jankovic explained that a higher trust in the police is helpful in these cases.

Dejan Jankovic himself was a victim of attempted murder back in 2005 when 80 bullets were fired at his vehicle near Kacanik. The perpetrators of this attack on a high-ranking police official have never been identified.

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