In criticism of Kurti, the PSD placed a cardboard bust of O.Ivanovic in front of the Kosovo government building

FOTO: Dardan Moljićaj/Fejsbuk

The Social Democratic Party set up a cardboard bust of Oliver Ivanovic with the recent comments of the Kosovo Prime Minister on this Kosovo Serb politician in the courtyard of the Kosovo government in Pristina, where they also laid a wreath. Kurti’s former comrades in Self-Determination organized the action to show criticism of Kurti’s statement about the positive role of Ivanovic on the fifth anniversary of his assassination.

The fifth anniversary of Oliver Ivanovic’s murder two days ago was marked by commemorations in North Mitrovica, Belgrade, and other towns, statements by family members, politicians from the north of Kosovo and Belgrade, but one from Pristina as well – from the prime minister, Albin Kurti.

Once referring to Ivanovic as a war criminal, Kurti now said in a video message in Serbian that the slain politician from the north was someone who worked for multi-ethnic Kosovo, who was dedicated to the interests of his community, and treated those with whom he disagreed with respect.

Albin Kurti’s statement was met with an avalanche of negative reactions in Pristina. „Shocking“, „shameful“ – the opposition claimed.

PSD reiterated the same message to Kurti today, with a performance in front of the Kosovo government building, where they set up a cardboard bust of the slain Serb politician.

The leader of the movement, Dardan Moliqaj, said that the „bust“ has a double function:

„It comforts Kurti on the one hand and reveals his tendencies to refashion the character of Ivanovic on the other.“

Moliqaj also described the deceased Oliver as a convicted war criminal, saying that Kurti wants to refashion his character in the context of his conflict with the Serb President Aleksandar Vucic.

„This prime minister, for his needs, for his idea of the state, has used this man for years as a representative of crimes in Kosovo. Now he wants to use it before Vucic. This is a bad tendency,“ Moliqaj told the Pristina media.

Also, in a Facebook post, he told the Kosovo Prime Minister that he should apologize.

In addition to the criticism of opposition leaders of the Kosovan PM, historians, analysts, and sociologists made numerous guest appearances on TV shows and portals, accusing Kurti of „paying tribute to a criminal“. Some alleged that „the glorification of Ivanovic is a moral, national and historical crime“, and others said that it was a tactical move of the Prime Minister of Kosovo toward the Serb community.

Those who presented themselves as the families of „victims of Ivanovic“ also made guest appearances, while media shared news pieces with headlines such as: „He can’t stop his tears while talking about how Ivanovic took away members of his family to kill them“; „The victim who testified against Ivanovic turns against Kurti“; „I curse my hand for voting for Kurti“.

Kurti himself continuously described Ivanovic as a war criminal, including the period after his assassination.

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