Hyseni: Serb trains operate illegally in Kosovo; Railway station in Kraljevo: Since the outbreak, the train only travels as far as Rudnica

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Four trains of the Serbian Railway network are still operating illegally in the territory of Kosovo, a member of the Kosovo Railway Regulatory Authority (RRA), Shkumbin Hyseni, said, Pristina-based Koha reported. On the other hand, as the railway station in Kraljevo confirmed for KoSSev, the trains of the Serbian railways have not travelled beyond Rudnica since the start of the outbreak.

„Four Serbian trains are still operating illegally, even though we cited this as a problem at every meeting and asked for a decision from the heads of state,” Hyseni said at a recent RRA meeting at which the report for 2020 was discussed. He stressed that the train did not undergo the procedure to operate in the territory of Kosovo, Pristina-based Koha reports.

At the same RRA meeting, MP Ekrem Mustafa inquired as to what they had done about this issue, considering that the carriers need a license from the Railway Regulatory Authority.

„We liberalized the market through legal acts and we have allowed this possibility. We constantly sent letters to stop the operation of any type of train, to stop illegal trains. Any company that thinks that it is in its interest to be a part of the Kosovo market can apply with RRA,“ Hyseni replied.

He reiterated that the Regulatory Authority is responsible for issuing permits after the request is made, noting that they appealed to the previous government to solve this problem.

„It was our responsibility to make a decision and we spoke with the Prime Minister at that time in 2017, with the line ministers and the Minister of Infrastructure. The authorities decided to halt the operation of one of the trains, but, unfortunately, the same decision was not applied to the other trains,“ he said.

Hyseni emphasized that the competent authorities should react and suspend the operation of these trains, as the RRA is not responsible for doing so.

„We believe that law enforcement agencies can do that, but as an institution, we are not able to act, those are our competencies. The law enforcement authorities should carry out inspection and stop the entry of these trains that travel from and to Kraljevo at the border,“ he concluded, Koha reports.

Contrary to Hyseni’s allegations, the railway station in Kraljevo told KoSSev that trains from this city have not entered the territory of Kosovo since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Since then, as it was confirmed for KoSSev, the trains that departed from Kraljevo two times a day – at 6.50h and 14.50h, to their final destination in North Mitrovica have not travelled beyond Rudnica, located near the Jarinje border crossing.

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