Hoti: We need stability; Serbia is the aggressor

Foto: Kabinet premijera

The Kosovo government held a session today on the subject of the war crimes indictment issued against former Kosovo president Hashim Thaci, two former chairmen of the Kosovo Assembly, Kadri Veseli and Jakup Krasniqi, and former minister and head of the LVV parliamentary group, Rexhep Selimi. The Kosovo Prime Minister, Avdullah Hoti, whose party colleagues and LDK activists were, according to allegations from the Special Prosecutor’s Office, tortured, imprisoned and killed by Thaci, Veseli, Krasniqi and Selimi, spoke today about the Ibrahim Rugova movement and how the people of Kosovo joined the armed fight of the KLA. Hoti also stressed that Kosovo needs institutional stability, emphasizing that the Kosovo government will cooperate with the heads of institutions and international partners.

In line with what Thaci, Veseli and the Speaker of the Assembly Vjosa Omani said yesterday, Hoti also stated that the latest situation reflects the „state maturity“ of Kosovo, which has been „put to the test“.

He praised the „responsible behavior“ of the indicted foursome as they showed „readiness to cooperate with the Specialist Chambers of Kosovo,“ thus proving that „Kosovo believes in justice“ and cooperates with justice.

„In order for the work of judicial institutions to be guided strictly by professionalism, we believe that the end of this process will once again prove that the struggle of the people of Kosovo for freedom and independence was fair and pure,“ Hoti said.

In his reaction to the war crimes indictments against KLA leaders, Hoti presented certain allegations against Serbia. „The people of Kosovo fought for freedom, independence, democracy, for liberation from brutal Serbian oppression,“ he underlined.

In response to indictments issued against KLA leaders for torturing, killing and detaining Albanians, Serbs, Roma and other members of non-majority communities in Kosovo, Serbia’s role in the Kosovo war has been repeatedly highlighted by almost all Kosovo politicians, including defendants themselves and acting Kosovo President, Vjosa Osmani.

The acting president of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani on „peace“ and „genocidal state“

„The people of Kosovo did not fight on foreign soil, but in their own backyard, in order to defend their homeland and their homes. Serbia, with its armed military and paramilitary forces, was the aggressor. And it was punished by the civilized world, precisely because of the aggression against Kosovo and its citizens, and no one has ever had a dilemma in this regard,“ Hoti said during today’s session of the Kosovo Assembly.

He recalled the efforts to build a „parallel state“, but also the movement for freedom, democracy and independence of Ibrahim Rugova, whom he described as „an extraordinary leader and statesman“.

„Although in unequal and completely unfavorable circumstances for military resistance, the people of Kosovo joined the war of the Kosovo Liberation Army, in order to stop the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo. In 1998-1999, the world witnessed the genocide of the people of Kosovo. Faced with this terrible fact, the civilized and democratic world, led by the NATO alliance, has taken the necessary step to save the people of Kosovo,“ he said, adding that Kosovo will always be grateful to NATO members, but also to all those who helped Kosovo during its economic recovery after the war, but also during the political process of gaining independence.

„Convinced that only sincere cooperation with these countries guarantees our full integration into the family of free and democratic nations, we continue to promote and nurture this cooperation. It also means taking on the responsibilities and obligations we have as a free, independent and democratic state.“

He warned that the difficult situation with the Special Court was further complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Kosovan Prime Minister also stressed that Kosovo now needs institutional stability.

„We must, therefore, show wisdom and vision in order to face this test together. I am convinced that we will clear our names in front of the world as we have many times before. The Government of the Republic of Kosovo estimates that in the new situation, following the president’s resignation, the stability of institutions must be maintained in terms of exercising constitutional capacities and competencies,“ he said, adding that the government will cooperate with all institutions and international partners, as well as with entities within the Kosovo Assembly.

The Speaker of the Kosovo Assembly, Vjosa Osmani has officially taken over as Kosovo President yesterday as per Kosovo Law on the President. Osmani has been in open conflict with Hoti ever since the coalition government of LVV and LDK was toppled, which was done at the suggestion of Hoti and which led to Osmani leaving the LDK party.

At today’s session, the coalition partner of the LDK, AAK once again requested to end the dialogue with Serbia.



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