Hoti confirms that remains of the missing were found in the area of Orahovac and Prizren

Avdulah Hoti
Foto: Gazeta Express

Human remains were found in the area of ​​Orahovac and Prizren, the Kosovo Prime Minister, Avdullah Hoti announced tonight. Although Hoti did not reveal further details about the origin of the human remains, it is presumed that they belong to the persons listed as missing in 1999.

„As part of the maximum commitment and commitment to shed light on the fate of the missing during the recent war in Kosovo, excavations were carried out today at two locations in these municipalities, which resulted in the discovery of the remains,“ Hoti said.

The Kosovan Prime Minister emphasized that the information submitted to the government commission for missing persons and the police department for war crimes arrived from the citizens, to whom he expressed his gratitude.

„I urge every citizen who may have information about the possible whereabouts of missing persons to deliver them to the competent institutions,“ Hoti underlined.

According to the register of the Kosovo Government Commission on Missing Persons, about 70% of missing persons’ cases have been resolved since the 1999 war, while 1,638 people are still listed as missing.

One of the points of the Washington agreement, as well as the new phase of negotiations in Brussels, launched this summer, includes the issue of resolving the fate of missing persons.

As Miroslav Lajcak, the EU special envoy for the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, confirmed during his latest official visit to Pristina, the chapter of the future „comprehensive agreement on the normalization of relations“ on the missing has already been concluded.

Since then, the topic of missing persons, and excavations in particular, has been brought to the fore.

According to information available to the public so far, excavations are being carried out in Kizevak near Raska, at the Muslim cemetery in North Mitrovica, and several other locations south of the Ibar, such as the region of Orahovac and Prizren – as confirmed by Hoti.

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