Haradinaj visits a Serbian family in Plemetina

Ramuš u poseti srpskoj porodici u Plemetini

Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj visited a Serbian family in Plemetina yesterday, posting the photographs of the visit on his Facebook page. Haradinaj’s visit arrives in the midst of tensions between Belgrade and Pristina due to, among other things, the decision, made by his government, to raise customs duties on products from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to 100%.

„Today I was a guest in the house of Slavisa Jakovljevic in Plemetina, Obilic, and I told them that we will always support them, be close and take care of their well-being,“ the Kosovo Prime Minister stated.

Haradinaj claimed that he received confirmation from this family that „Kosovo’s institutional commitment has directly influenced the improvement of the lives of all,“ and that „Kosovo is our joint home“.

He stressed that the measures taken by the government will not affect any community, adding „moreover, they serve to protect our right to a better life“.

„We did not only show institutional commitment today and not only in this municipality. Our work and commitment will continue in every part of Kosovo and for every citizen, regardless of ethnic origin and religion,“ Haradinaj wrote.

According to him, „Kosovo has proven the coexistence of multiethnicity“.

Ramuš u poseti srpskoj porodici u Plemetini
Foto: Fejsbuk, Ramush Haradinaj



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