Haradinaj in "Ćirilica": I personally asked Đurić through all channels to wait for the entry ban to expire

Marko Djuric was banned from entering Kosovo until the next day and we didn’t think he was due in Kosovo. I even personally asked him through all the channels – to wait until tomorrow when the entry ban expires. Had he just waited a day longer, everything would of been fine. It was an awkward set of circumstances and I have to say that even Serbia has made a mistake. It was "a strange situation" and "nobody felt good about it" – Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj said, commenting on Djuric's arrest on March 26. He talked in a interview for Belgrade TV Station HAPPY, on the TV Show "Ćirilica", with journalist Milomir Maric.

Answering the questions regarding the Community/Association of Serb Municipalities, Haradinaj recalled that he "activated mechanisms" for forming the C/ASM, adding:

"Let's first find out what the ASM is about, and then when it will be formed."

One solution is to form it in accordance with the Brussels Agreement, but this is not the case, since the Constitutional Court of Kosovo has to decide on it. The source of our existence is the Constitution. We all work like that here, Haradinaj added further.

One of the questions for the Kosovo Prime Minister was whether he killed someone during the war in Kosovo.

"I do not know, probably. The war is war. I dressed the uniform consciously. I lost two brothers in uniform, and the same way a Serbian soldier is thinking when he goes to war. If you can not bear it, then do not enter the conflict" – Haradinaj responded.

Below the video of Maric's and Haradinaj's conversation, which was conducted in Serbian language.

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