GI SDP: Annual memorial service for Oliver Ivanovic in Belgrade and Mitrovica, a protest on the 16th

The annual memorial service for Oliver Ivanovic will be held at the New Cemetery in Belgrade on January 12th, starting at 11:00 am, the GI „SDP“ announced today.

Furthermore, the members of the party, family, friends, and admirers will gather, as they have been doing every month since the murder, at the site of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic in North Mitrovica – in front of the premises of GI „SDP“ party – at 10:00 am on January 16th.

At the same time and according to previous announcements, organizers of civic protests „Stop to Bloody Shirts“ and „One of Five Million“ are organizing a new protest rally in Belgrade on the occasion of the one-year anniversary since the murder and because the killers and instigators of this crime remain unknown. The request to discover the perpetrators and the instigators of this murder is one of several messages of the protest gatherings in Belgrade which have been held since December 8th.



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