German ambassador on „Kosovoschwitz“ performance: The parallel is over the line and disgusting, read history books!

Protesti studenti
Foto: KoSSev

The German Ambassador to Kosovo, Christian Heldt reacted to today’s “Kosovoschwitz” performance of students from the University of Pristina held in North Mitrovica. Heldt said that the parallel that these students drew between the present situation and the Holocaust is „over the line“ and „disgusting“. The students’ performance was organized in protest to Pristina’s tax increase on imports of products from Serbia and the arrest of three Serbs suspected of being involved with the murder of Oliver Ivanovic.

The theme of today’s performance was a concentration camp with the title „Kosovoschwitz“. In one part of the performance, the students symbolically showed prisoners holding their hands out through the fence, reaching for bread from the guards.

Students on one side of the fence passed bread to the students on the other side, symbolizing the limitation of the most basic human rights „the right to life, the right to bread“- the President of the Students’ Conference of Serbian Universities (SKONUS), Milan Savic stated.

The German Ambassador to Kosovo, Christian Heldt reacted harshly to this performance, tweeting:

“This parallel, with respect to the suffering of especially Serbs and others in the region, with Holocaust perpetrated in Balkans under Nazi German occupation in World War II, is not just completely out of line, it is disgusting! Read history books, don’t do ‘alternative facts!’”

Students from North Mitrovica have been organizing performances themselves, which are held on days between protests. They organized a match between „sponsors of Kosovo independence“ and “Kosovo Serbs” yesterday, a few days ago they sent carrier pigeons to the cities all over the world. During their first performance, the students held empty plates and placed tape over their lips symbolizing the silence of the international community.



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