French Ambassador on Kosovo’s CoE application: We don’t support unilateral decisions

„We don’t support unilateral decisions. We see the Brussels dialogue as the priority,“ the French Ambassador to Serbia, Pierre Cochard, said this morning on the „Probudi se“ talk show on Nova S.

According to Cochard, the dialogue in Brussels should get a new dynamic as soon as possible.

France supports the efforts of the EU and Germany, whose chancellor recently welcomed the President of Serbia and the Prime Minister of Kosovo, the ambassador said.

„It is an urgent matter because there is space that needs to be used for the dialogue to facilitate the gradual normalization of relations,“ he said.

Addressing Pristina’s Council of Europe application, Cochard says that it is a unilateral decision, but one that his country does not support.

„We do not support unilateral decisions. In that context, we believe that the priority is the dialogue on topics – the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities in Kosovo, energy issues, issues of missing persons – that is the priority.“

The ambassador revealed that France is not the only country with the stance that unilateral moves should be avoided in the current situation.

„There is no support from France for it. We can understand Kosovo’s aspirations to join European institutions, and we welcome the fact that they have aligned themselves with European positions when it comes to Ukraine. However, we believe that these moves do not make things easier and can increase tensions. The priority is the dialogue currently being conducted by the European Union,“ the ambassador reiterated.

When asked whether France would vote in favor of Kosovo’s membership in the Council of Europe, the ambassador only reiterated that France’s priority is the continuation of the dialogue.

Unilateral moves are not a good thing – reads the ambassador’s message to both Belgrade and Pristina.

Watch the full guest appearance of the ambassador in the video above.

Unlike the French ambassador, the German ambassador to Pristina, Jorn Rohde, congratulated Kosovo today on its application for membership to the Council of Europe.

The German ambassador says that Kosovo belongs in the Council of Europe.

“Looking forward to seeing Kosovo as part of the Council of Europe family who work together to promote human rights, democracy and the rule of law,” Rohde tweeted.

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