Fr. Sava: Archaeological remains looted from a hermitage near Prizren, three Albanians arrested, one escaped

isposnica Sv. Petra Koriškog kod Prizrena
FOTO: Sava Janjić/Tviter

Archeological artifacts from St. Peter of Korisa’s hermitage were looted a few days ago. Four Kosovo Albanians were arrested, one of whom managed to escape during transportation, the Abbot of Visoki Decani monastery, Sava Janjic revealed today, citing an official Kosovo police report. Prizren police confirmed in a statement for KoSSev that the theft took place.

According to the police report Fr. Sava shared on Twitter, the four Kosovo Albanian male suspects were arrested on suspicion that by using an electronic device, they stole seven pieces of metal plates of archeological value.

The plates were then sold to an ironworks.

With the decision of the prosecutor, the suspects were assigned a measure of police detention for 48 hours, but during their transportation, one of the suspects managed to get out of the police car and escape in unknown direction.

Janjic underlined that Serbian heritage in Kosovo needs urgent protection.

“SOC sites situated in areas where Serbs no longer live are exposed to vandalism and looting in Kosovo. St. Peter’s hermitage was targeted by looters before. It is one of the largest medieval hermitages with remains of medieval frescoes,“ Fr. Sava added.

While trying to discover additional details about this case, the KoSSev portal contacted the KP spokesperson in Prizren, who referred us to the coordinator for operations in this region, Fadil Gashi.

Gashi confirmed that the case had been registered and asked us to contact him tomorrow when he would have more information – about the case itself and the investigation.

This case was also registered in the daily police report published on February 5th. The report, however, did not reveal that the archeological remains from St. Petar of Korisa’s hermitage near Prizren were stolen. It said that the theft took place on February 1st, and that the suspects were arrested on the February 4th.



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