First cooperation between a Serbian and Kosovan municipality: Mayors of Sabac and Pec in Gorazdevac

A year ago the Kosovo municipality of Pec and Serbian municipality of Sabac launched mutual cooperation programme. After welcoming his colleagues from Kosovo at that time, the Serbian mayor, accompanied by the Assembly President, this week, paid the visit back. Local Radio Gorazdevac brought the story from the field.

„There is no cooperation between Serbian cities and the municipalities in Kosovo and I do not know the reason for that. What matters to me is to start talking and get to know each other better. I’m sure there are no obstacles once we sort out irrelevant issues. There is no obstacle to start discussing life issues – how to produce more, gain more, how to have better education, to open up opportunities for the youth, how to involve more people in decision making,“ said Sabac Mayor Nebojsa Zelenovic.

He believes that there are „plenty of issues to talk to his friends here in Peć“ about:

„We can do much to learn from them, they can do what they can to hear about what we did in our city.“ This is the first case of Kosovo and Serbian municipalities establishing cooperation. It started upon the visit of the President of the Pec Municipal Assembly, Islam Husaj and the Director of Education Department, last year to Sabac. The two municipalities will be now be working in many fields, but mostly in agriculture and education.

Sabac and Pec have many things in common, views the Serbian mayor.

„We are very similar in regard to our political situations in general. The city of Sabac is one of the few opposition-run cities in Serbia, just like Pec in Kosovo, but the fact is that we are ready to talk together which also makes us quite different from others,“ he explained.

His counterpart, the mayor of Pec Gazmend Muhadzeri believes that it is a fresh start through this cooperation. The concrete steps will be seen very quickly:

„I think next year we’ll see concrete progress of our cooperation in agriculture and I believe that we will succeed in making concrete steps in this field.“

Mayors of Pec and Sabac also visited the Serb-populated village of Gorazdevac – spending time in the municipal premises, Radio Gorazdevac and a local primary school. The mixed delegation also paid a visit to Pecka Patrijarsija monastery.



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