Drecun: Joint exercise of the KSF and Albanian army is an unofficial declaration of war to Serbia

Foto: Pink, printscreen

„A message is being sent to us that the Albanian army can help Pristina’s special units in completing the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, in completely expelling Serbs, or at least the Serbs from the north,“ the President of the Committee on Kosovo and Metohija (The Government of Serbia), Milovan Drecun stated this morning on the TV pink talk show program, commenting on joint military exercises of members of the KSF and the Albanian army.

Intense reactions arrived from Serbia after Albanian Defense Minister, Olta Xhacka announced on Tuesday via Facebook that members of the Albanian regional support battalion are conducting a joint exercise with members of the KSF in the Pomazatin region near Kosovo Polje.

Milovan Drecun harshly criticized Kosovo, Albania, KFOR, and the international community during his guest appearance this morning on Pink TV.

He assessed the fact that members of the army of the Republic of Albania held exercises with members of the KSF in the territory of Kosovo as an „unofficial declaration of war to Serbia“.

„A message is being sent to us that Albania will send its army to confront us and that we can expect the army of the Republic of Albania on the top of Kopaonik if we try to defend the Serb people in case of any possible violence in the north,“ Drecun said.

He also added that, in accordance with Resolution 1244, KFOR was not permitted „to allow the presence of a non-KFOR military force“ and that it was an act of „occupation of a part of our territory“, all of which was, according to Drecun, a „political decision“.

The goal of this political decision is to „intimidate the Serbian people,“ he emphasized, adding:

„They are holding exercises aimed at intimidating the Serbian people. These are preparations for a possible provocation of violence in the north of Kosovo.“

On the other hand, the Vice-President of Srpska Lista, Igor Simic believes that Pristina’s latest actions are aimed at „absolutely distracting the public from the taxes and all other open issues that stand between the Serbian and Albanian people.“ He also claims that „more than four months after, none of the international representatives are even mentioning the abolition of taxes,“ nor are they calling for dialogue.

„This is very dangerous because when we did not have negotiations and when there were no discussions in Brussels, we had heightened tensions and space opened for those who believe that violence is a way to solve the problem, for them to come to the fore,“ Simic said.




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