Do not refer to the surrender of territories as delimitation


Siniša Kovačević FOTO: Mitar Mitrović/RAS Srbija
Sinisa Kovacevic, FOTO: Mitar Mitrovic/RAS Srbija

After six years of ‘brilliant’ negotiation over Kosovo, it has just been announced by Urbi et Orbi that we have not moved from the beginning and that Serbia doesn’t even have a square metre of land in Kosovo. Then the question arises: What did you negotiate about for six years? About the right to use recipes for tulumbas and baklavas? Another question arises that encroaches upon the scope of mental health – the famous director Sinisa Kovacevic told Belgrade-based daily newspaper Blic.

„Do not refer to the surrender of territories as delimitation. You, thus, insult the intelligence of people who recognize the right intentions, true political opportunities and political intentions. Delimitation – it is a surrender, sale or exchange of territories. Be that as it may, the Serbian Constitution, as a valid legal act, strictly prohibits it,“ Kovacevic also talked about Kosovo.

A nightstick did not preserve any power, it prolonged it for a few years, however, the retorsion was greater and a higher price was paid

„My personal attitude as far as Kosovo is concerned is that it is a sacred place and an identity space for the Serbian people,“ he said, adding:

„Of course, Kosovo also belongs to the Albanians, but as a native land. You just need to wait with some kind of historical patience, which neither the Serbs nor the Albanians are demonstrating now, for some smarter generations to mature and come to the life and the political scene, and reach this type of agreement. For Albanians to liberate themselves from triumphalism and for Serbs to grasp their political position.“

Referring to Vucic’s visit to Kosovo, Kovacevic said that it has no „deeper meaning“ than „the marketing meaning“.

„If this is a historical speech, then I do not believe in this history, nor is this kind of history taught in good schools. I do not see any political, value or poetic fact in that speech which would merit the prefix – historical,“ the director said.

Too much trouble for one person

„The problem with our president is that we do not have any information about what he is doing or not doing. He does not share it with anyone, even with the Assembly. And it’s too much trouble for one person. To work simultaneously with stadiums and the football federation, both Zvezda and Kosovo, to balance Russia and China and America and let’s not list any further – it’s too much. It wouldn’t hurt to tell the people about that trouble. To build a think tank which wouldn’t have to include geniuses from his party, some people who do not proudly own a card of the largest party in Serbia’s history. But we see that madness is contagious. Of all those people the regime adorned itself with during the pre-election campaign in the Belgrade elections, among whom respectable names, scientists and intellectuals were included, no one raised a voice against this madness of Christmas lights being hanged in the middle of the summer.“

You can read the entire interview with Sinisa Kovacevic in: „Ovo je vreme bez stida i ljudi bez zakletve“



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