Djuric: Serbs not to join the so-called Kosovo Army. Unlawful and punishable activity with up to 10 years of imprisonment

According to our criminal legislation, entering an illegal formation of an armed formation is unlawful and punishable with up to 10 years of imprisonment," said this morning the director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Marko Djuric. Serbs are called "not to join the so-called Kosovo Army".

"It's an illegal activity in which our citizens should not participate," he said in his call, as Pink reported.  

He added that Serbia's position regarding the formation of the Kosovo army is unique and unambiguous:

"Any formation of paramilitary illegal formations on our territory would be contrary to Resolution 1244, contrary to the Military Technical Agreement from Kumanovo and our main national goal, which is the long-term stabilization of the situation. We are against that, the Srpska List, when it opposes it support of the President and the Government of Serbia."

Recently, President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic called on Kosovo Serbs to restrain from forming a Kosovo Army. Instead, they should "help to resolve Kosovo's problems and proceed responsibly and take care of their own safety".

Srpska Lista, from Zubin Potok adressed a public call early in January against future Serb members of the Kosovo Security Forces "to be declared non grata in all public buildings" and even as individuals to remain "invited neither for parties nor commemorations", "neither at church nor in the café". 

According to the latest data, KSF has 103 members from the Serbian community.



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