Djuric: Serb judiciary officials want to leave Kosovo institutions

Marko Đurić Zvečan
Foto: KoSSev

After the Zvecan municipal councilors gave their support to Srpska Lista’s proposal to leave Kosovo institutions if Ivan Todosijevic’s verdict of two years in prison for “inciting hatred” is upheld, the head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric announced today that Serb prosecutors and judges also no longer want to be part of the Kosovo justice system.

„A large number of Kosovo judges and prosecutors of Serb ethnicity say that they no longer want to participate (cf. in the Kosovo justice system) and that they want to resign from their posts,“ Djuric said at a press conference today.

The head of the Kosovo Office, however, advised them to wait before making such a decision, so that “the Serbs don’t lose these instruments of protection and control.“

He also commented on the EU’s response to Todosijevic’s ruling yesterday, which read that „there is no place for negating or relativising the events which took place in Racak” and that „it was up to the courts to determine whether or not any statement constitutes a criminal offence.”

Todosijevic’s first-instance verdict is a low-priority issue for the international community, which makes their actions regarding this issue unsatisfactory – Djuric estimated. He also referred to the EU’s response to the Pristina-based portal Gazeta Express as “shameful,” although he expressed doubt that the EU’s response had been incorrectly reported.

Previously, at an extraordinary MA session held on Friday, the Zvecan municipal councilors gave their support to Srpska Lista’s announcement that they would „leave all Kosovo institutions from the central to the local level“ if Todosijevic’s verdict becomes final.

They also stressed that this verdict shows that not only Serbs but the rest of the population are “not entitled to freedom of speech and opinion.”



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