Djuric: Kurti’s audacity is surprising, he is hitting out at US diplomacy; we deterred Serbs from the KSF

The head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric announced that he is not surprised that the United States wants an active role, a solution and to be involved in mediation between Belgrade and Pristina. According to Djuric, however, he is surprised by the „audacity“ of Albin Kurti and some other Albanian leaders who are „hitting out at American diplomacy“. Djuric also revealed that Pristina politicians have never acted like that without „someone powerful standing behind them.“

During a guest appearance on TV Happy, Djuric also spoke about the transformation of the Kosovo Security Force (KSF), noting that the strengthening of this formation should not be underestimated. „3,500 people are not to be underestimated… while some officers and petty officers have attended top Western schools,“ he claimed.

The head of the Kosovo Office said that Belgrade managed to deter a „three digit number of Serbs“ involved in these armed forces before the start of the transformation.

Apart from the fact that Serbia was engaged on the international scene with the goal of strengthening its position, it also worked on Kosovo with the goal of consolidating the Serbian corps, Djuric said, recalling that Srpska Lista won all 10 seats in the Kosovo Assembly.

According to Djuric, if Srpska Lista had not been created, there would have been „the same or an even worse seizure of holy sites in Kosovo than in Montenegro.“

The American embassy recently reacted, reminding that the Kosovo authorities have not yet implemented the decision of the Constitutional Court to return more than 20 hectares of land to the monastery of Visoki Decani. Djuric welcomed their appeal, warning that “ there is no illusion that a desire to legitimize the institutions in some way “ in Kosovo lies behind this.

Djuric underlined that there is currently a conflict of great powers in Kosovo over domination among Kosovo Albanians.

„It is up to us not to participate in that and to wish them good luck in solving mutual problems,“ he added.

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