Djuric from Mitrovica: Ivanovic fought for Serb interests, made the greatest sacrifice for them, Kurti to take back what he said

„The entire state of Serbia is appalled that some politicians in Pristina are calling Oliver Ivanovic a war criminal. Oliver Ivanovic was not a war criminal. Oliver Ivanovic was one of the leaders of the Serb people, one who represented his people in a difficult time, fought for their interests, and made the greatest sacrifice for them. I urge them to treat him and his sacrifice with respect and to stop being one of those who are monstrously abusing this murder to fuel ethnic tensions,“ the head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric said in downtown North Mitrovica today. He also said that he expects Albin Kurti to „take back what he said.“

Kosovo’s Special Prosecutor, Syle Hoxha announced on November 1st that in the coming days the first indictments would be filed against the suspects in Oliver Ivanovic’s murder case.

The father of one of the suspects – the detained Marko Rosic, Nebojsa Rosic recently made shocking allegations to the Kosovo Online portal about the alleged torture and coercion to falsely accuse Serbian authorities and Milan Radoicic for the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. When the same portal asked Djuric about the testimony of Rosic’s father today, the head of the Kosovo Office assessed that “our entire public” must hear this testimony.

„Marko Rosic’s father pointed out Marko Rosic had been subjected to torture while in custody for more than a year now and that he was forced to speak up and accuse Milan Radoicic and other Serb representatives of involvement in monstrous crimes. I believe that this must be resolved by international judicial institutions, that they should investigate these allegations without delay and check the ways Marko Rosic was pressured. It is unacceptable that anyone without a valid indictment is held in detention for so long, and even less permissible is the fact that he was subjected to systematic torture and exposed to systematic torture to provide evidence that would accuse other Serbs or anyone else of committing a crime,“ Djuric emphasized.

The Rosic case

Marko Rosic and Nedeljko Spasojevic have been in custody since November 23rd of last year, when they were arrested in a Kosovo Police special unit action in North Mitrovica. Under Kosovo law, a suspect cannot be held in custody for more than a year without an indictment – a deadline that will expire soon in the case of Rosic and Spasojevic. According to Kosovo’s Special Prosecutor, Syle Hoxha, the first indictments in the murder case of Ivanovic are expected this month.

On the other hand, Rosic’s father, Nebojsa Rosic, in a statement to the Kosovo Online portal, accused Kosovo’s investigative authorities of subjecting Rosic to physical abuse in order to make a false statement.

„During an hour-long interrogation, one of the police officers who introduced himself as Besim told him: Marko, you have to say that Milan Radoicic and the state of Serbia organized and participated in the murder, and we will release you immediately. If you do not confess this, you will be sentenced from five to ten years in prison,” Nebojsa Rosic said.

Marko Rosic’s lawyer, Mahmut Halimi earlier this year told KoSSev that Rosic had no major objections to his treatment in prison or the behavior of the prison staff. Rosic, however, requested a transfer from the detention facility in Gnjilan to North Mitrovica. He even started a brief hunger strike in April, but his transfer request was not approved.

Although Djuric criticized the Self-Determination leader, Albin Kurti today for saying that Ivanovic was a war criminal, he himself called Ivanovic a „destroyer of Serb unity“ back in 2017.

Less than three months before Ivanovic’s assassination, the Head of the Kosovo Office told RTS that „every vote for Oliver Ivanovic and anyone who is not part of Srpska Lista is a vote against the interests of the Serbian people and a vote to destroy Serbian unity in the province and obviously a vote against the safeguarding of the organic link between Serbian state institutions and the Serbian people in the province.“

„Those who want to break the unity of the Serb people in Kosovo are gathering once again“ – Djuric claimed after the Movement of Free Citizens, led by Sasa Jankovic, gave support to Oliver Ivanovic before the local elections in Kosovo. „Such people, the obvious breakers of Serb unity, support Oliver Ivanovic,“ he said at the time.

The head of the Kosovo Office is visiting North Mitrovica on the occasion of St. Mitar’s Day and to “speed up” the aid of the Republic of Serbia to Kosovo Serbs. He also reminded the public of “the 349 projects” implemented by the Serbian government in Kosovo.

Djuric also spoke about Srpska Lista. He emphasized that the party has shown a „responsible attitude“ towards maintaining peace and stability and that it will continue to „do so in the future.“

Srpska Lista gained trust because it has the mandate to represent the Serbian state and national interests – not the interests of different state projects, different projects of other political circles representing the interests of other nations, Djuric said.

„None of us wants to fuel tensions, to create bad blood, and that is why I believe that this topic of freedom of movement should not be a topic at all. On the contrary, I find it disgraceful and unacceptable that some people are banned from traveling, that sporting events are forbidden in North Mitrovica, and I want to believe that something like that will not happen.“




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