Djuric and Selakovic in Mitrovica, Vucic again on phone with Srpska lista: We’ll bring more money and safety

Đurić i Selaković KoSSev
Rikalo, Radoičić, Đurić, Selaković, Rakić/Foto: KoSSev

„We will not make any decisions without you. I’m coming to Kosovo and Metohija in September. I want to address all Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, to talk to you, to tell you what will be new in discussions over the future of KiM…“ for the second time, via telephone, the President of the Republic of Serbia addressed the representatives of Srpska Lista in North Mitrovica.

Vucic’s address by phone was heard during an open meeting of the Secretary General of the Serbian Presidency, Nikola Selakovic, and the head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric, with representatives and supporters of Srpska Lista in North Mitrovica Wednesday.

„We want the North in Serbia!“; „We don’t want Natasa Kandic and Sonja Biserko to to decide our destiny!“ – two supporters of Srpska Lista said loudly during the speeches of Marko Djuric and Nikola Selakovic.

„Today, like never before, you have a state headed by President Vucic, whom you can restfully trust. This could only make it more difficult for him, but he has shown in many situations that he is capable of bearing heavier and greater burden,“ said Selakovic.

In his claim, Serbia is among the first three countries in Europe with a surplus in its budget. He was repeating that Serbia will invest more in Kosovo Serbs.

„It’s easy to say big words, pack up and leave,“ Selakovic said, but he also pointed out that Serbia „is doing its best” to help Kosovo Serbs but „it cannot do that without Vucic, because he has the full legitimacy accorded to him by the people“.

“Our situation is difficult and I don’t have to tell you that you are our biggest asset, but how hard it is, Serbia has managed to improve its image in the world,” said Selakovic.

„When you make a deal with Serbia, it means you have agreed with someone whose word actually means something,“ he claimed.

„We do not have the right to give up, or to rush along and be unreasonable, to try everything we can to preserve the peace,“ Selakovic added.

The attempt of political and quasi-political structures, they are hiding behind the names of NGOs, our church – in order to deceive you

Selakovic, on the other hand, spoke about the work of those whom he considers are working against the correct state policy:

„We are witnesses that in the past few weeks there have been attempts at certain levels, not only political, I would say, and those quasi-political structures that deal with politics, and that’s not their job, who are hiding behind the non-governmental organizations, behind our church, trying to deceive you the entire time, trying to accuse others of what they themselves are doing, to fabricate stories in which the authorities, starting from the President, every ministry, and the Kosovo Office, do not care about Kosovo Serbs, and they are trying to show that we are preparing some sort of scenario that will only bring harm to our side – a staged deal between us as part of the Serbian leadership and a part of the Albanian leadership in Pristina.“

Nikola Selaković KM
Nikola Selaković/Foto: KoSSev

They were trying to pull a small part of the SPC into this political story

„All of them are trying to convince us that it is better that the entire Kosovo and Metohija becomes an independent Albanian Kosovo, that it is off-limits, that it is like the scripture and it does not matter to them that there is not a single Serb, a monk, or a Serbian minister, in Suva Reka, Kacanik and Glogovac and that they have not been there for more than a decade, and in some places for more than two decades,“ said Selakovic.

„The fact that they tried to pull, luckily for us, a small part of the Serbian Orthodox Church into this political story shows how much their intentions were serious, and thank you for not buying into it,“ he added.

Some unfortunates of the Serbian Orthodox Church

„It is not surprising that suddenly those whose mouths were full of the struggle for a Serbian Kosovo found themselves on the same side as those who rewarded, distinguished, and celebrated the so-called independent Kosovo. How come the representatives of the Serbian opposition and some of the unfortunates from our Serbian Orthodox Church found themselves on the same side, including Natasa Kandic and Sonja Biserko, who received awards in Pristina and who had streets named after them just a few kilometers from Mitrovica?!“

Djuric: I am proud of Srpska Lista’s strength and courage. You will have more money and safety

The head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric, said that he came to Mitrovica to say that he „is proud of Srpska Lista’s strength and courage in enduring a campaign of lies“:

For them to tell you that you are so-called Serbs, so-called Srpska Lista, and they are allegedly true (Serbs) because they recognize or support KiM to become an independent state in the entire territory, because they share the same view with Sonja Biserko, Natasa Kandic, and Hashim Thaci and Ramush Haradinaj and all other Albanian leaders.

„We have received an order from the President who is occupied with KiM day and night, with the future and safety of Serbs, to implement, by the end of this year, every project initiated in every area,“ he said.

„You have our word that whatever happens in the upcoming period, you will only have more. Do not allow anyone to lie to you, you will not have less money, or safety, or anything else. You will only have more safety and money and support and more of Serbia here in KiM,“ he added.

Marko Đurić razgor sa predsednikom Vučićem
Marko Djuric/Foto: KoSSev

Vucic: We will invest more money than ever

„We will invest more money than ever. Because we want to show that we are (standing) with our people, that we will remain with our people and that we will always be there for our people,“ he said.

„Thank you, in these difficult times, in times when both you in Mitrovica, and we here in Belgrade are pressured from different sides, both by Albanians and by the citizens of Serbian nationality. Thank you, because you know very well what constitutes a path to the future for our people,“ the President said, adding:

„President Vucic, I want to say, from this spot, that Srpska Lista, the Serbian people have the absolute trust in you and we gave you that trust in the elections. We gave you our voices to take care of the Serbian people wherever they are living. Therefore, we urge you to continue the fight for a better and safe future for the Serbian people in this region. Long live Serbia!“ – said the mayor of the Kosovo municipality of North Mitrovica and Srpska Lista chief, Goran Rakic.

„Brothers and sisters, hold on. Serbia is with you, Serbia is by your side and will always be there.“

At yesterday’s gathering, none of the state representatives, nor the representatives of the ruling Srpska Lista in Kosovo, spoke about the latest announcement by the Kosovo President Hashim Thaci on the „complete“ merger of Serbian cities – Medvedja, Bujanovac and Presevo – to „the Republic of Kosovo“ and the referendum on such.

Goran Rakić KoSSev
Goran Rakić/Foto: KoSSev

The deputy director of the Kosovo Office Petar Petkovic, a Pristina-based liaison officer Dejan Pavicevic, and the ministers of Srpska Lista in the Kosovo Government also attended the meeting of Srpska Lista and Serbian representatives in North Mitrovica.



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