Djuric: „Abelard Tahiri is a minister of injustice and lies“

Tahiri Đurić
Foto: Tviter nalozi Abelard Tahiri/Marko Đurić

„Abelard Tahiri is the minister of injustice and lies, while the documentation presented to the public yesterday is not false – it is the original document which the Prosecutor’s Office of the so-called Kosovo officially delivered to the defenders of the imprisoned Serbs,“ the head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric said late on Friday night. On the same day, Tahiri harshly criticized the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, accusing him of directly obstructing the investigation of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, but also promising that, in spite of this, the case will be resolved.

High tensions have been presented in the public for three days now concerning the (alleged) testimony of Rada Trajkovic to the Kosovo Prosecutor’s Office, given in the autumn of last year – as the Special Prosecutor in the investigation of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, Syle Hoxha told KoSSev. The Belgrade-based tabloid Alo and Djuric claimed on Thursday that Trajkovic’s testimony was allegedly the key argument for the extension of the custody of two Serbs suspected of involvement in this murder – Marko Rosic and Nedeljko Spasojevic.

Djuric reacted on Thursday via his Facebook page and Twitter account by harshly criticizing Trajkovic. Aleksandar Vucic had a similar reaction on Friday.

After the allegations of the tabloid Alo, Djuric and Vucic presented a document from the Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office containing Trajkovic’s deposition in which, they claimed,she “slandered her own country Serbia” and directly “caused damage to the suspected Serbs.”

Djuric repeatedly claimed on the Belgrade-based Pravi Ugao talk show on RTV Vojvodina that the document was authentic and that they received it from the lawyer of Marko Rosic and Nedeljko Spasojevic.

On the other hand, Kosovo Justice Minister, Abelard Tahiri harshly criticized the Serbian president yesterday, claiming that „there is a tendency of false documents“ in the case of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic.

„As we know, the President of Serbia is protecting a man who needs to face the justice of Kosovo, and as far as the documentation that the Serbian media are showing is concerned, it is only an attempt to manipulate the public,“ Tahiri further claimed.

He accused Vucic of obstructing the investigation, as well as „witness intimidation“, „manipulation“, „orchestration“, „malicious and unprecedented discourse“ and „direct threats“ to those citizens in Kosovo who are willing to cooperate with investigative authorities in connection with this case.

Tahiri added that the two Prosecutor’s Offices cooperated and that this cooperation ended when the Kosovo authorities requested that certain persons appear before the Kosovo authorities to give statements.

“The only thing that is false is the indictment against the Serbs and the state of Serbia, which he is issuing in the media every day assisted by his satellites,” Djuric said in response to Tahiri’s allegations.

„With his lies, he is even denying the claims of his own prosecutor Syle Hoxha, who confirmed yesterday that Rada Trajkovic testified and that he had requested (on the basis of the act presented to the public) the extension of custody, as the aforementioned prosecution’s document states. The lies of the minister of injustice and the lies of Abelard Tahiri have very short legs. In addition to showing the whole world what kind of a liar he is, a man who held and is still holding, with no grounds, numerous Serbs behind bars in Kosovo, has disclosed today whom he is protecting and whose political patron he is among the Serbs,“ Djuric emphasized in his midnight press release.

The brutal and numerous death threats, nor the most primitive insults to which I am exposed to from the small part of the public,but who are full of hatred and aggression, because I dared to speak the truth, will not prevent me from continuing to expose all of them altogether. I tell them all –keep your hands off Serbia, you liars!

Rada Trajkovic immediately reacted on her Twitter account after Vucic’s media address on Friday:

„Considering that Aleksandar Vucic continues to manipulate my statements (given to the media and thus available to everyone), thus trivializing the investigation into the murder of O. Ivanovic, I request and allow the Prosecutor of Kosovo to publicly publish all my statements and all the communication between this office and me. My knowledge of the murder of O. Ivanovic is not key to the ongoing investigation and (I repeat), it is also available in many media outlets. Therefore, as such, it can be publicly disclosed – especially now that my security was directly compromised by Aleksandar Vucic through his media manipulations. I do not know, nor do I have any knowledge on the activities of the two suspects in this investigation, for whose extension of detention I was unlawfully and unreasonably accused of by Aleksandar Vucic at his press conference today.“

Trajkovic repeated these claims several times since then and shared links to her earlier public appearances – thus reminding the public about her publicly available knowledge and estimates of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic – as evidence that they were accessible and widely known.

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