Djuka in the Assembly: The Media in Kosovo also tasked with waging a hybrid war against Milan Radoicic

The Serbian Assembly has been discussing the Kosovo issue for two days now. The Kosovo Office report from June 15th, 2021 to September 1st, 2022 is under review by the Assembly. So far, the session has been marked by discussions primarily by opposition MPs and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. Srpska Lista officials are observing from the gallery.

Vladimir Djukanovic, together with MP Danijela Vujicic from Kosovo, is one of the representatives of the ruling party who began their presentation with a special acknowledgment for the vice-president of Srpska Lista, Milan Radoicic, who was not present in the assembly gallery today. Radoicic, described as a kind of patriot, is also brought into connection with what SNS presented as a hybrid media war against him and the state.

„I would especially like to send my best to him because I know of the campaign that is being waged against him for just one reason. Because he is not currently in Kosovo, our defense down in Kosovo would be catastrophic,“ said this MP, high-ranking SNS official, lawyer, chairman of the judiciary committee, member of the High Judicial Council and journalist Vladimir Djukanovic.

His praises of the most influential SL official were greeted with thunderous applause by MP from Kosovo Danijela Vujicic, who was sitting next to Djukanovic, as well as by other MPs from the ruling SNS party.

„And he is someone who can put together a high-quality and good defense, and that’s why I want to send my best, and as for those who are criminalizing him, Mr. President, you mentioned the media a little while ago, so that people know what it is about,“ Djukanovic said.

What is all of this about?

„The owners of certain media in Serbia, Luxembourg – wherever, are also the owners of media in Croatia, and at the same time they are the owners of some media in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also in Kosovo, and then they have a branched network, so they quote Croatian media from here, so they say what the Croatian media say about Vucic – no, no, that’s what a group from here is saying. Well, the Croatian media report and the media here quote them, and that’s how it’s all connected. I believe that those media in Kosovo were also given tasked with what they should write in order to run a campaign,“ Djukanovic provided the details of the hybrid war led against Milan Radoicic and other state officials.

„And as you can notice, it is very telling, when, for example, some statements are made against our people from Kosovo and against you – almost the same sentences, with no differences – that Albin Kurti or someone in Kosovo as if the same center wrote that as if you have the same communique and it is quoted that way. People just need to know that a kind of hybrid psychological war is being waged against us, but fine – we have to be ready for that.“

Djukanovic revealed that the easiest thing for him would be to say to the president that the army should take communion in Lazarica and rush headfirst towards Kosovo like Prince Lazar. He, however, added that he knows that this is unrealistic.

During the two-day parliamentary debate, the issue of the media striving to destroy national unity was brought up on several occasions, just like the acknowledgments of Radoicic, and the topic was introduced by the president himself in his opening address yesterday.

„They invested hundreds of millions of dollars and euros in order to divide the Serbian people. They did this by any means necessary, creating media outlets to sow discord and mayhem among the Serbs, bribing the Serbs, and creating television stations, news agencies, and radio stations whose only goal was to disturb the Serbs and create some new Serbs that suit them, and who would recognize the independence of Kosovo. They did the same in Serbia proper,“ said Vucic yesterday.

The Serbian president did not specify which media he was talking about, nor what the media were actually doing to break national unity.


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