Djilas gave Palmer tabloids with his picture replaced by the US envoy’s

đilas i palmer
FOTO: Tviter, Dragan Đilas

Translation provided by KoSSev

Some of the opposition representatives met with US Special Envoy for the Western Balkans, Matthew Palmer in Belgrade today.

The president of the Party of Freedom and Justice, Dragan Djilas announced on Twitter that he gave Palmer a gift at the meeting, he also decided to give newspaper covers to the diplomats he meets with – but with his image replaced with theirs – in order to show them the demonization and dictatorship they are exposed to.

„I have decided to give cover pages – where I will replace my image with theirs – to all the diplomats I meet with. So that they finally understand what kind of dictatorship we live in and what kind of demonization we are exposed to. I started doing so this morning with Matthew Palmer (he knows Serbian),“ Djilas wrote on his Twitter page.

He also shared the covers of tabloids where his image and name were replaced with Palmer’s, so the titles read: „Palmer Plotting Murders“, „Palmer Seeks Chaos before the Holidays“…

Matthew Palmer is currently on an official visit to Serbia. He also met with the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic yesterday.



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