Disappointment and confidence!

Beljulj Bećaj
Beljulj Bećaj (Belul Beqaj), rođen je u Prizrenu 1957, gde je završio osnovnu i srednju školu. Diplomirao je na Fakultetu političkih nauka Univerziteta u Beogradu, magistrirao na Pravnom fakultetu Univerziteta u Prištini i doktorirao političke nauke na Univerzitetu “Kiril i Metodije“ u Makedoniji. Autor je stotine javnih i naučnih radova.

By Belul Beqaj

War leaders, who were supposedly ready to lay down their lives to create a state, proved after the war that they were willing to sacrifice citizens and the state for their own cause.

Dear friend,

it is a matter of great fortune that the citizens of Kosovo created a state with the help of international friends. The great misfortune is that we have had „liberators“ who have continuously „enslaved the state“ to such an extent that as a result – approximately 40,000 citizens have renounced the Kosovo state so far! This phenomenon is the result of deep disappointment. Because the government was run and controlled by incompetent, dishonest, insatiable „liberators“ who operated by following their ambition.

Therefore, my friend, along with the intense depopulation of the region, the renunciation of Kosovo citizenship is one of Kosovo’s most difficult specific problems. The facts indicate that almost every year, about 5,000 Kosovo citizens renounce their Kosovo citizenship.

The mass exodus and renunciation of citizenship is the result of a hopeless policy, largely the policy of the commanders who have been engaged in politics for nearly two decades. Therefore, the victory of the opposition, that is, the citizens who participated in the October 6, 2019 elections, reflects the political will of the majority of citizens who are disappointed by this failed policy, all with the undisputed support of the „passive resistance“ (LDK) party.

On the other hand, the vote of confidence placed in the Self-Determination Movement (LVV) and the LDK (Democratic Alliance of Kosovo) reflects an undeniable trust in the winners of these elections. Because the future winning duo – Albin Kurti (LVV) and Vjosa Osmani (LDK) – won over the voters on the basis of integrity and moral purity. During the pre-election process, they presented different visions for the realization of their mission.

Authority figures and their supporters created a Machiavellian mentality, shortened informal ways of realizing life’s motives and goals. On the other hand, they continually postponed the need for the functionalization and full consolidation of the rule of law in Kosovo. War commanders, who were supposedly ready to lay down their lives to create a state, proved after the war that they were willing to sacrifice citizens and the state for their own cause.

During the post-war period, it was more normal and acceptable to be mediocre, subservient to an authoritarian leader, than to build a meritocracy-based career!

Instead of the government being a service aimed at fulfilling the needs, demands and interests of citizens, citizens have been transformed into service for realizing the interests of those in power.

On October 6th, 2019, the citizens of Kosovo had two choices. To continue with those who brought Kosovo to a standstill, with those who have made a fortune by manipulating the political will of citizens, with those leaders we should be ashamed of – or to choose discontinuity. We never had worse leaders, recent voting results prove that we can potentially have promising leaders who can make a difference.

Self-Determination and the LDK are not alternatives to current policies, but their joint positioning would not make sense unless it represents a discontinuity with the former political group of „liberators“ who expelled citizens from their own country and, moreover, and forced them to renounce Kosovo citizenship.

Therefore, the government of discontinuity should prevent the path of political actors whom they have criticized for a reason – along with disappointed citizens. In this way, the cause and effect of the policy „built by the liberators“ will begin to be eliminated. Only thanks to a fair policy will citizens not seek a solution to the problem outside Kosovo and with other citizenships – as it has been happening so far – but within the Kosovo state. Confidence in the future government should be created by including above all the ability, honesty, decency and courage, competence to eliminate the hereditary obstacles and problems of the „deep state“, bearing in mind the real promises made during the election campaign. Kosovo citizens are aware that hereditary disappointment cannot be turned into confidence overnight, but the slogan “The day has arrived” would be meaningless if the government’s actions immediately after its establishment do not provide initial concrete answers to the amassed problems.



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