Detainees clean the Orthodox cemetery in South Mitrovica

Groblje južna mitrovica
Ilustration/FOTO: Radio kontakt plus

The head of the North Mitrovica detention center, Benasim Medic, confirmed for KoSSev that the detainees of this center cleaned the Orthodox cemetery in South Mitrovica ahead of the recent Remembrance Day.

Medic stated that these activities are aimed at helping religious communities, but also the detainees themselves.

„We want to help the communities, but we are also carrying out activities for the re-socialization and reintegration of detainees – for their return to normal society,“ Medic said.

Detainees and prisoners, both ethnic Serbs and Albanians, took part in the clean-up action.

Medic specified that the clean up of the cemetery in South Mitrovica was carried out on the basis of a previously submitted request, and that all planned procedures must be completed before the activities are carried out.

The head of the detention center, however, reminded that this is not the first time that the Kosovo Correctional Service has carried out similar activities.

„Similar clean-ups were done before that, in Catholic cemeteries, Muslim cemeteries, including the Muslim cemetery in the northern part of Mitrovica,“ Medic added.

He also specified that the Correctional Service will continue to carry out similar activities in the future.

„We will continue to work everywhere, whatever is needed. We are here to help everyone who needs it,“ Medic added.

The Remembrance Day was commemorated this Saturday. Orthodox believers from North Mitrovica visited the graves of their loved ones in the southern part of the city this year as well.

However, a significant number of monuments in this cemetery have been destroyed over the years.



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