Dacic: The process of withdrawing Kosovo’s recognition is unstoppable and irreversible

Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ivica Dacic said on Thursday that the process of withdrawing the recognition of Kosovo’s independence was “unstoppable and irreversible.” He added that yet another withdrawal was supposed to be announced but that Serbia “did not want to upset (anyone) this week,” the FoNet news agency reported.

These Western states and Pristina and Islamic countries have pressured other countries and more than 20 countries have recognized Kosovo since the beginning of this (Brussels) dialogue. And we never said – ‘we will not negotiate anymore, you need to stop this campaign’… If 14 countries have withdrawn their recognition, if 23 countries have recognized Kosovo since the start of the Brussels Dialogue, then when that number returns to 87, then we might think about stopping but I do not believe that will happen, not even then.

“We did not want to harm the health of those who write NATO Quint statements and those in Pristina,” the Foreign Minister told Belgrade’s Prva TV.

He reiterated that the latest Quint’s statement was taken “too seriously” since there was nothing new in it.

“What has been published now is something they’ve been trying to impose on us for months,” Dacic said, adding it started with pressure on Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic.

KoSSev: „Bolton told me personally – we know that the problem is not with Belgrade, but with Pristina“

Speaking about a possible visit by US President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, Dacic revealed that he had spoken to him twice.

„They have never specifically announced whether they will support the partition or whether they will have some other proposition. They support our desire to reach a compromise, which is a huge difference. I have talked about this repeatedly, taking into account some other administrations that did not want to talk about it, believing that the issue was resolved and that there is no need to talk about Kosovo anymore,“ he added.

„Bolton told me personally – we know that the problem is not with Belgrade, but with Pristina,“ the head of Serbian diplomacy said, adding:

„We need to differentiate between the White House and the State Department.“

„Serbs are one of the nations who looked forward to Trump’s victory the most because they hate those who bombed us“

He recalled that Serbs in the US voted for Trump because Clinton and his administration were a symbol of the bombing of Serbia.

Speaking about his statement that Serbs should support Trump in the upcoming elections, Dacic argued that he did not say that on behalf of the state because, in his words, that particular message was addressed to Serb expatriates in the US.

„Trump will not solve the Kosovo issue by withdrawing Kosovo’s recognition. He wants a lasting solution. After all, why should we talk about it, let the Serbs themselves resolve it and let them take a stand! I’m not just spitballing here. Our people there, I don’t know if you are aware that Serbs are one of the nations who looked forward to Trump’s victory the most because they hate those who bombed us.“

„Serbia has no greater enemy than American Democrats“

The Serbian Foreign Minister also said that Serbia has no greater enemy than the American Democrats.

„Nobody is talking to the Serbs because they find Serbs disgusting. Well, if Serbs are stupid, let them vote for them,“ he shared his take on the US Democratic Party’s relationship toward the Serb population in that country.

He also said that Trump’s new victory would not suit Kosovo.

„When Trump hears that there is a Clinton monument, boulevards, in Pristina, they, the Trump administration sees it as something unpleasant. And if we don’t know how to take advantage of it then fine.“

„Out of respect for Biden, I’m not going to say what he said, because in the meantime, he figured out that he went too far,“ Dacic stressed.

“Let someone try to deceive us“

„We don’t have an atomic bomb, we don’t have a big economy. It’s a partnership, an alliance, and those who live there have their own voices. Let someone try to deceive us,“ the Serbian diplomat said.

Dacic said Pristina’s behaviour was “an attack on the European Union,” accusing the bloc of acting “irresponsibly” as was the international community.

“No one is talking about the Community of Serb Municipalities any more, or of an attempt (by Pristina) to form an army, about anything from the Brussels Agreement that had not been honoured.”

Commenting on claims that Crvena Zvezda (Red Star) football fans set fire to the Kosovo Consulate in Copenhagen, Dacic said he has no information on the matter.

Dacic also stressed that the principles on which the upcoming elections in Serbia will be based should be discussed because „the electoral regulation remained from the time when the Democratic Party was in power.“

„What should be changed now that wasn’t changed while they were in power? We need to see all the rulebooks from the 2012 elections, the last time they were in power. You take that into consideration and you will see who you are fighting against now,” Dacic wondered.

Commenting on the request that there should be no campaigning by officials in the public service, Dacic asked how come that was allowed in 2012, when the former President of Serbia, Boris Tadic „did not leave the stables“ – all of which was broadcast on RTS.

„And now they are talking about how Aleksandar Vucic must not participate in the campaign,“ Dacic noted.

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