Dacic claims: At least a dozen countries are weighing up their position on Kosovo

„At least a dozen countries are currently weighing up their position on Kosovo. Many countries recognized Kosovo without having the right information, and now, when they see how things actually are, they are questioning their decisions,“ the head of Serbian diplomacy, Ivica Dacic, told Vecernje Novosti. After the information that Liberia has withdrawn its recognition of Kosovo, which Pristina has denied, in the article, „SUPPORT TO PRISTINA DECLINES: 10 more recognitions of Kosovo under review,“ the same media reported: „The second decision to withdraw the recognition of Kosovo in the last four months, as well as the previous two from last year, are giving Belgrade hope that the number of countries that have stood by Pristina over the years will further decline.”

On the other hand, Dacic repeated his previous statement that they „believe“ the number of recognitions of Kosovo will „fall below 100“:

„And then, so-called Kosovo can only dream of becoming a part of international organizations.“

INTERPOL is one of the organizations on whose door „Pristina is intent on knocking this autumn,“ Novosti wrote.

The same media recalled that a two-third majority of votes is needed for the acceptance of new members, and since last year, when Palestine and Solomon Islands were admitted, INTERPOL has 192 member states.

„For that reason, Belgrade, in the next four months, until the General Assembly session of the International Criminal Police Organization, has a priority to reduce the number of secure votes for so-called Kosovo,“ Novosti added.

Officials from Belgrade also claimed that so far, next to Liberia, two countries, Suriname and Burundi, have withdrawn their recognition of Kosovo, while Pristina denied these allegations, claiming that it is fake news and „Serbian propaganda“.

The former ambassador to Vienna and Berlin, Milovan Bozinovic, said „the withdrawal of the recognition of Kosovo is a Serbian moral victory,“ Belgrade based newspaper reported further.

„These actions, regardless of the fact that they come from smaller and more remote countries, says that the problem of Kosovo is still open, and not, as some like to portray, a done deal. It certainly has an effect on other states, because it causes suspicion among others that what they thought was a fact might actually be reversible. True, many of them have tight maneuvering spaces, because they are under pressure from larger countries,“ Bozinovic added.

Vecernje Novosti reported also that there is no database „in the United Nations“ which would help to verify whether all the recognitions Pristina claimed to have received are “valid”, and that Serbia „has been controlling that information for some time now.“

„When every country that has changed its decision is subtracted from the previously made list, so-called Kosovo has the support of 105 countries,“ Vecernje Novosti concluded.

Data on the number of recognitions are not identical from sources in Belgrade and Pristina neither. According to the Kosovo Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kosovo is recognised by 116 countries. However, the number of recognitions is different to the data of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija which amounts to 107 recognitions, or 108 with Guinea Bissau, who is alleged to have withdrawn their recognition.



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