Covers of Serbian daily papers: Drama on Friday, victory on Saturday

Drama on Friday, victory on Saturday, however, we are not talking about sports but the front pages of Serbian daily newspapers.

The Serbian and Kosovo delegations held two-day talks with the top team of the American administration in the White House to finalize the document on the economic normalization of relations. Each side, as it appears for now, has committed itself with a unilateral signature to the undertaken obligations. The obligations, although not numbered, form a set of 17 points. The points of the agreement, except for the last point about Israel, are identical. President Trump addressed letters to Vucic and Hoti acknowledging their commitment.

Historic agreement – the phrase all state-controlled Serbian newspapers used to describe the Friday deal.

„Historical agreement between TRUMP and VUCIC,” subhead: „No recognition of a false state“ – the Informer tabloid wrote on its front page.

„HISTORICAL“ (agreement between Belgrade and Washington on Kosovo in the White House) – reads the headline of the Vecernje Novosti daily.

„Historical agreement in the White House“, the Srpski Telegraf wrote, with a subhead: „Belgrade and Pristina signed an agreement on the normalization of economic relations“.

„A STEP INTO THE FUTURE“ – reads the simple title of the Kurir tabloid, while the front page of ALO exclaimed: „HISTORICAL AGREEMENT!“ – „Great diplomatic victory of Serbia in the USA“

„Belgrade and Pristina signed economic agreements with the United States“ – Politika newspaper announced.

„The economic normalization of Serbia and Kosovo initialed“ – Danas daily wrote on its cover.

“Trump facilitated the economic agreement between Belgrade and Pristina“ – Belgrade-based Blic reported.

Just the day before, the headlines in these broadsheets and tabloids were somewhat more creative and longer, after the Serbian Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali addressed the media in Washington following the first round of talks:

“(We) got the worst paper ever, with a point about the mutual recognition of Serbia and Kosovo.“ The existence of this point (point no. 10) was soon denied by the US Special Envoy, Richard Grenell. However, Serb officials continued claiming the same.

„The worst paper ever. There are 16 points in the document, ten of which mean mutual recognition. This is precisely what President Vucic already knew,“ said Mali, while Blic daily immediately obtained the same exclusive information.

The President is fighting, we will see if he will endure, Mali added, while at some point, the president personally said that surrender was never an option.

Along with the extraordinary program on Pink TV, where, on Friday, guests took turns to speak about the drama in Washington, while on Saturday, they exclaimed about the alleged historic success. Friday’s headlines in Serbian daily papers read:

„Serbia had a shock in the White House. VUCIC RECEIVED A PAPER. Serbia should immediately recognize the independence of Kosovo“;


„They want us to recognize Kosovo“;

„SWINDLE. Vucic presented with a paper on the recognition of Kosovo in the White House“;

„America wants us to recognize a false state! Immediately at the beginning of the talks, an agreement was placed on the table asking for ‘mutual recognition’”;

„VUCIC FACED A FAIT ACCOMPLI IN THE US“; „ULTIMATUM IN THE WHITE HOUSE. FATAL POINT: SERBIA MUST RECOGNIZE KOSOVO. A paper with a dangerous request from America was presented to Vucic.“

Negotiations are now moving to Brussels and along with it – new headline covers.



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