Cedomir Jovanovic: Kosovo Serbs are the hostages of Belgrade, and the West treats them as such

"Kosovo Serbs know very well how much is left of Serbia here. Unfortunately, Serbia left the same thing in Kosovo what it had left in Bosnia and Croatia – the victims and those Serbs to who it gave the role of being as such (victims) in future", said the LDP leader Cedomir Jovanovic in Pristina.

"People usually create a state to help and protect them, but we Serbs have created a state that has never taken care of our lives and the lives of those to whom we are addressing and largely depend upon," Jovanovic added in an interview with RTK2 on Friday.

He believes that both  Serbia and Kosovo Albanians need Kosovo Serbs.

"Unfortunately, they are the hostages of Belgrade, and the West treats them as such, I always say it to them. They expect from Belgrade to be the chief of a wild tribe," also said Jovanovic.

Srpska lista about Cedomir Jovanovic:

"Cedomir Jovanovic, an exhausted politician and a foreign-mentor servant, in his desire to obey his sponsors and earn a few bucks from the Albanian lobby, visited Pristina and outspokenly recited the wishes of Albanians, attacking his own state and Srpska Lista" – this is an excerpt from Srpska lista press release following Jovanovic's visit.

"One does not ask people who live here in Kosovo what do they think about this? Why the Kosovo (Serbian) community has no political life as it should be? There are no representatives of Serbs who will take care in the Kosovo Parliament of the people who had voted for them, but there are deputies who think for Belgrade, not for Serbs in Kosovo, and often these interests are not identical," the Serbian politician stressed out.

Cedomir Jovanovic was in Pristina at the invitation of the Kosovo Democratic Institute where he earlier participated in the discussion "European Perspective – Normalization of Relations between Belgrade and Pristina". He also met with Kosovo Albanian opposition leader Albin Kurti, and at the Pristina university AAB participated in an open debate entitled "Kosovo-Serbia Final Dialogue".




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