CEC did not confirm Srpska Lista candidates; Djuric: Further participation of Serbs in Pristina institutions is meaningless

CIK Sastanak
Foto: Indeksonline

The Central Election Commission reached a decision today on Srpska Lista candidates for the upcoming elections in the north of Kosovo. With seven votes in favour and two abstentions of the CEC members from the ranks of Vetevendosje (Self-determination) movement, the candidates of Srpska Lista were not confirmed, the Indeksonline portal reported.

Rustemi and another CEC member from the Self-Determination movement abstained from voting, thereby preventing the confirmation of candidates from Srpska Lista.

A representative of Self-Determination, Adnan Rustemi demanded during the meeting today that Srpska Lista submits applications with new candidates within 24 hours or to distance themselves from statements that „deny Kosovo’s statehood“– Indeksonline wrote.

Members of the Central Election Commission (CEC) did not make a decision on the confirmation of candidates in the mayoral elections in the four municipalities in the north during yesterday’s meeting. The meeting was rescheduled for today because of the refusal of two members of the Self-Determination party to approve the proposal of the Office for Political Party Registration and Certification to confirm the mayoral candidates of Srpska Lista, saying that they „violated the constitution and denied the population access to services when they resigned in November.“

Eight votes by regular members of the commission, or two-thirds of the votes, are required for the confirmation of candidates applying to participate in the upcoming elections in the north. However, the commission currently has nine, instead of the usual eleven members, therefore, the confirmation of registered candidates can be temporarily blocked with only one abstention, or a vote against, of the current CEC members.

In the meantime, Srpska Lista has 24 hours to file an appeal to the Election Complaints and Appeals Commission, which has the final say whether candidates are acceptable or if other candidates need to be proposed, Indeksonline reported.

The members of this commission are appointed by the President of the Supreme Court from the ranks of the judges of the Supreme Court and the Basic Courts.

According to Article 122 of the Law on General Elections, which is also applicable to local elections, it is possible to appeal to ECAC against the decision of the CEC – due to their refusal to confirm the participation of a political entity or candidate in elections. In this case, the ECAC may accept an appeal „to the decision of the CEC if it determines that the decision of the CEC was inappropriate, bearing in mind all the circumstances“.

According to Article 122, paragraph 3, if the appeal is accepted, the ECAC may order the CEC to reconsider its decision and to take measures to eliminate the consequences.

Kosovo Office: Further participation of Serbs in Kosovo institutions is meaningless

The Head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric reacted to the decision of the CEC members from the Self-determination movement to abstain from voting, thereby preventing the confirmation of the candidates of Srpska Lista. Djuric claimed that they „abolished all political rights of the Serbian people in the province.”

„The further participation of Serbs in any Pristina institutions and political processes organized by Pristina becomes meaningless after this act,“ Djuric added.

He stated that a decision on the next steps will be made following consultations with the President of Serbia, the government and the Serbs from Kosovo.



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