Bisevac to the new mayor: We’ll use all democratic means to prevent unilateral moves

Milija Biševac GI Za Zubin Potok

After the last local elections in the municipality of Zubin Potok, which were boycotted by the Kosovo Serb community, the new mayor of this municipality, Izmir Zeqiri, was sworn in today in the village of Cabra. In a statement for KoSSev, Milija Bisevac, leader of GI „Za Zubin Potok“ and the former only opposition councillor characterized it as an undemocratic process, as evidenced by the results themselves.

Bisevac said that the councilors of GI Zubin Potok were not invited to today’s session – a move which violated legal provisions.

„This gives us the absolute right to consider this assembly illegitimate because some other procedures were not followed. We alerted the competent Ministry of Local Self-Government by e-mail about the omissions, probably done consciously, and asked them to challenge the holding of the mentioned session. We have not received any response to the objections,“ he said.

Bisevac also recalled the earlier warnings of his initiative that Zeqiri’s victory with 197 votes against more than 6,000 registered voters was unacceptable.
That was why this civic initiative, whose representative remained part of the transitional composition of this assembly, resigned from the post of chairman of the assembly – in order to prevent Zeqiri’s appointment.

„The decision not to invite us to the assembly, which we certainly would not have attended, is a clear indication of what kind of politics the newly elected mayor wants to pursue, that there is no dialogue and calming of tensions in his scope of work, but that he will continue repressive measures against the population of our municipality, which can also be concluded based on his previous statements“.

„As much as 95% of the population in Zubin Potok is Serbian, so we want to tell the newly elected mayor that we will use all democratic means in order to prevent him from carrying out unilateral moves with his policy,“ emphasized Milija Bisevac.

He also commented on Srpska Lista’s ‘busyness.’ According to Bisevac, this party, thanks to its policy in the previous years and the withdrawal from the institutions, is responsible for the current state of affairs. “That’s why we believe that all units should bear political responsibility,” Bisevac emphasized.

„As far as SL is concerned, they have been occupied for days with the organization of tomorrow’s rally in Belgrade, and the latest events apparently do not interest them, and this is supported by the fact that they have done nothing about the new situation, nor have they come before the people who is confused, scared, disappointed and unaware what awaits them tomorrow.“
As the only bright example, Bisevac cited the efforts of international representatives for Albanian mayors not to take oaths in the buildings of former Serb municipalities.

„We support the move of the International Community that led to the fact that the sessions were not held in the buildings of the Provisional Authorities, which could have caused much bigger problems, but we will definitely inform them about today’s event and the gross violation of all legal norms, because they also supported the elections and accepted the election results.“

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