Association of Entrepreneurs from north Kosovo: Stores will be open tomorrow

Foto: KoSSev

The entrepreneurs from the north of Kosovo decided during tonight’s joint meeting that shops, restaurants, pharmacies, and other service-related facilities, which were closed for two days, will be open tomorrow.

We publish the announcement of the Association of Entrepreneurs from the north of Kosovo in its entirety:

„The warning protest showed the strength, unity and willingness to fight of the Serbs from the north of Kosovo and Metohija.

We showed strength, unity. We showed that they cannot break us and that we will not allow that those supplying basic products are shot at and attacked.

Every next attempt by Pristina will be met with an even stronger answer.

Since this is a warning protest, the shops in the north – which will start working tomorrow – will be closed for much longer the next time we are shot at because we are transporting milk, flour, oil or newspapers in the Serbian language for the Serb people in the north of Kosovo and Metohija.

We are aware that a long struggle awaits us, which requires unity, effort, perhaps sacrifice… We do not have another country and we will not surrender our country to anyone…

We appeal to the international community to finally understand the dramatic situation here in the north and to react in order to pacify Pristina, before an incident occurs that could bring things to a point of no return.“

In the past days, the stores in the north suffered a shortage of goods as a result of the cessation of the procurement of goods from Serbia and the simultaneous boycott of Albanian distributors by Serbian traders. Two days ago, all shops, pharmacies, and all service-related facilities were closed. According to the entrepreneurs from the north and Serb officials, this decision was made as a form of protest against the 100% tax on the import of goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina introduced by the Kosovo government last November.

On the other hand, Pristina officials described this boycott as an attempt to „stage a humanitarian crisis“.

Belgrade and Pristina exchanged accusations while claiming they would not let the citizens go hungry.

The Kosovo government sent trucks to the north containing basic food products intended for sale in the north yesterday. These trucks were parked next to the Administrative Office in North Mitrovica both today and yesterday. In addition, Pristina announced that „temporary wholesale outlets were organized in other municipalities in the north“.

Although the decision to stop the boycott was made tonight, the president of the Association of Entrepreneurs from the north of Kosovo, Rados Petrovic said earlier that this measure would be in effect until Pristina abolishes the taxes, RTS reported.




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