Ethnic Serb, wounded during a 2021 special police action, was arrested in Brnjak; Kosovo Office: Sofronijević’s arrest instigated by the US and the EU

kp policija hapšenje lisice
FOTO: Kosovska policija

Ethnic Serb Srećko Sofronijević, who was wounded during a special police action in Zvečan in October of 2021, was arrested yesterday at the Brnjak border crossing and remanded a 48-hour custody. As the Kosovo Police confirmed, he is charged with several criminal offenses. The Kosovo Office reacted, accusing the US and the EU of being behind the arrest, and alerting of Pristina’s “brutal persecution”.

The KP confirmed late last night that Sofronijević is suspected of several criminal offenses: „aggravated attempted murder“, „assault on an official“, „possession, control or unauthorized possession of weapons“, „incitement to resistance, participation in riots and hooliganism“, „destruction or damage to property, etc.“, offenses which were, as it is alleged, committed during 2021.

„These criminal acts for which he is suspected are not peaceful protests as allegedly and erroneously reported,“ the police said, denying allegations from the Serbian side that the Zvečan local’s arrest is linked to the 2021 protests.

„All actions were carried out in cooperation and coordination with the competent prosecutor’s office, according to whose authority the suspect was detained for up to 48 hours,“ the Kosovo Police stated.

The Deputy Commander of the Kosovo Police for the Region North, Veton Elshani, in an earlier statement for KoSSev immediately after the arrest, said that Sofronijević was charged with „violating the constitutional order of Kosovo“. Elshani did not specify for which criminal acts Sofronijević is suspected of committing.

Srećko Sofronijević was shot in the back on October 13, 2021, during an action by the Kosovo Special Police in this municipality.

At the time, Serbian authorities accused the Kosovo police of unjustified wounding. The Kosovo side stressed that it must be determined from which side the bullet came. According to the testimony of several locals, Sofronijević did not participate in the protests at that time.

The Kosovo Office linked his arrest to that particular case.

„Pristina charges Srećko Sofronijević with alleged violation of the so-called constitutional order of so-called Kosovo, only because he was defending his home when Rosu stormed into Zvečan on October 13, 2021, and threw tear gas at the Serbs and then shot Srećko, whose life was at risk,“ they stated in their initial statement.

The Office then issued another press release, accusing, in addition to the Kosovo authorities, the US and the EU of being behind Sofronijević’s arrest.

“Albin Kurti with his special police units is a mere executor of the arrest of the Serb from Zvečan, Srećko Sofronijević, while the real instigators and directly responsible for his detention are the United States of America and the European Union, which drove this and many other Serbs seen from the north of Kosovo and Metohija into Kurti’s trap and his casemates!”

Moreover, they recalled that the US and the EU gave firm guarantees on December 28th, 2022 that there would be no arrests or prosecutions of Serbs for participation in protests and barricades in the north.

As a result of such guarantees, the Serbs from the north dismantled the barricades – “even then warning the whole world that Pristina will not stop and that they will be exposed to brutal persecution“.

According to the Office, since that point, there has been “continuous terror and arrests of all Serbs seen from the north of Kosovo.”

“While both the European Union and the US silently observe this persecution of the Serbian people, pretending that December 28, 2022 did not happen.”

“Because of their lies, deception and hypocrisy, another honest Serb is in Kurti’s casemate, becoming a victim not only of Albin Kurti, but of international forces that think they can play with the lives of our people in the province and trample on agreements they brought and guaranteed.”

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