Arancha Gonzalez: Spain maintains its principled position not to recognize Kosovo; we will continue to defend that stance in the future

The approach by which Serbia is asked to give everything while receiving nothing is not our cup of tea. Instead, the only good and sustainable solution is for both sides to get enough, while neither of them gets everything – Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Selakovic said from Madrid. His Spanish counterpart, Aracha Gonzalez Laya, underlined that Spain maintains its principled position not to recognize Kosovo. Gonzalez Laya also stressed that Spain will continue to defend this stance in the future as well.

 „At this moment, all our energy is focused on launching this dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade. That is what is being discussed now. We welcome the resumption of this dialogue and call on both Pristina and Belgrade to continue talks, as this is the best way to build the future,“ Spanish Foreign Minister, Arancha Gonzalez Laya said at a joint conference with Selakovic in Madrid today.

Gonzalez Laya said that Serbia can count on Spain’s support when it comes to its territorial integrity.

„As you know, we maintain a principled position not to recognize Kosovo. We defended it in the past, we are doing it today, and we will do so in the future. The issue of Kosovo must be resolved through dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia. We should give more decisive support to the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina,“ Laya emphasized.

Selakovic revealed that Serbia is currently facing a completely different situation. While recalling that 5 of the 27 EU member states do not recognize Kosovo, including Spain, the Serbian FM said that there is no official EU position on how the EU perceives Kosovo’s status.

„At the same time, Serbia is committed to dialogue and sees it as the only possible way to find a political and diplomatic solution that respects international law, but also the state and national interests of Serbia and Serbs living in Kosovo,“ Selakovic stressed.

He recalled that Serbia has been participating in the dialogue for 10 years, noting that it has yielded concrete results – the Brussels Agreement. Selakovic said that this agreement was composed of four obligations, three of which were Belgrade’s obligations – which it had fulfilled, adding that Pristina has yet to fulfill the one obligation it had.

„I am positive that there is no room for any approach as per which Serbia will be a country from which certain preconditions will be required that are not required from any other country,“ Selakovic emphasized.

It’s not our cup of tea

„Instead, Serbia believes that only compromise can be sustainable, good solution according to which both sides will get enough, without either side getting everything. When we talk about the approach in which Serbia is required and forced to give everything, while receiving nothing, and without respect for its national state interests, it is not our cup of tea.“

„If someone expects Serbia to simply recognize Kosovo’s so-called independence – that will not happen,“ Selakovic said in a subsequent interview with the Spanish news agency EFE in Madrid.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia launched his two-day visit to Spain with several meetings in the Congress of Deputies.

Selakovic met with the President of the Congress, Meritxell Batet, the Chairperson of the Committee on International Affairs, Pau Marie-Klose, and Chair of the Joint Committee for the European Union Affairs, Susana Sumelzo Jordan, the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced.

During his official visit to Madrid, Selakovic is also expected to meet with the Secretary-General of the Ibero-American Conference (SEGIB), Rebeca Greenspan, and the Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Zurab Pololikashvili.



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