„Allies will support unification with Albania“; US Ambassador: US soldiers did not die for Greater Albania

Ramuš Haradinaj
Foto: EPA

The membership of independent Kosovo in NATO and the EU or unification with Albania – these two options are the backbone of the foreign policy backed by the AAK leader, Ramush Haradinaj, who is pushing to receive support from the Kosovo Assembly regarding his candidacy for president of Kosovo.

The former Kosovo PM and the current candidate for Kosovo president, Ramush Haradinaj has been repeatedly sending messages about unification with Albania at pre-election rallies held throughout Kosovo. The latest such message arrived yesterday.

„We are wasting time waiting without borders to become a member of NATO as Kosovo or as an independent state as we started. Therefore, Kosovo has only one path left, there is no other way to unite with Albania, that is something natural that is coming our way,“ he said in Decani yesterday, reports KosovaPress.

He claimed that even Kosovo’s allies understand that Kosovo has given enough time – 25 years to join NATO and that if Kosovo does not enter this alliance by 2024, it will have to unite with Albania.

„I believe that our allies also appreciate the time we have given to the option to join NATO as an independent Kosovo. Therefore, I am convinced that they would give us permission and support our unification with Albania,“ Haradinaj said.

Kosnett: Talks about Greater Albania and Greater Serbia would be a surrender, failure

Although Haradinaj failed to specify which allies precisely he was talking about, Philip Kosnett, the US ambassador – a country that the Kosovo public sees as its biggest ally, outlined a stance contrary to Haradinaj’s assessments yesterday.

„My comment about the union with Albania is unchanged. The American soldiers did not fight and died to create either Greater Serbia or Greater Albania in the Balkans. I want to focus on the (Kosovo) Constitution, which calls on a multi-ethnic society with religious freedom for all,” Kosnett said in an exclusive interview for Gazeta Blic. He also revealed that he would not want to see Kosovo giving up on a multi-ethnic, multi-faith society because it benefits from it.

“The talks of Greater Albania or Greater Serbia in the Balkans would be a surrender, failure and I think it is not an answer to the countries’ and regional problems,” he stressed.

In his reaction to Haradinaj’s announcements about the unification of Kosovo and Albania, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic described Haradinaj as a „dangerous man“ and an experienced politician. The head of the Kosovo Office, Petar Petkovic, and the Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin also reacted.

Petkovic: Whose silence to Haradinaj’s statements is actually a sign of approval?

The head of the Kosovo Office, Petar Petkovic also reacted to Haradinaj’s latest statement.

„The obvious absence of a clear and unambiguous reaction of the international community and the EU to such dangerous ideas about changing the borders and ethnic structure in the Balkans is even more worrying. Such ideas pose a direct threat to peace and stability in this region and do not contribute to the dialogue process in any way,“ Petkovic argued, describing Pristina’s policy as a policy of “blackmail”.

According to Petkovic, if Haradinaj intended to intimidate Serbs by uniting with Albania to make recognition of Kosovo a compromise – „such a science-fiction scenario will come to nothing.“

„I will be quite clear – you cannot force Serbia to recognize so-called Kosovo by putting any kind of pressure. We want to build peace and the future in this area together through dialogue and a compromise solution, but we do not agree to blackmail. “

The Russian Embassy in Albania reacted to Haradinaj’s statements on the unification with Albania at the end of last week, describing it as „a provocation, wrapped in the Greater Albania ideology, which has recently progressed more intensively in the region and directly threatens the territorial integrity of Balkan states.“

Before taking a stand on the Kosovo-Albania unification, Haradinaj previously argued the case that Serbia would recognize Kosovo even if the LVV-LDK government did not abolish 100% taxes on imports of goods from Serbia which were introduced by his government.



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