After a letter to Putin: Death threats to Aleksandar Vucic or the lynching of Slavisa Ristic?

„Monstrous death threats“ to the Serbian President on the holiest Serbian holiday and „classic SNS-tabloid entrapment“ of an authentic Serb representative – were the complete opposite reactions from the leadership of Srpska Napredna Stranka and opposition MPs to a letter published by the Kosovo opposition movement „Otadzbina“ (Fatherland), addressed to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, signed by an MP from the North and the President of this movement, Slavisa Ristic.

What did the letter say?

Otadzbina informed the Russian President on Vidovdan that the President of the Republic of Serbia „is about to sign a comprehensive peace agreement with separatists from Pristina“:

„Regardless of whether Belgrade signs a comprehensive peace agreement with the separatists, we would like to request of you to refuse when asked to enable a seat at the United Nations to the self-proclaimed state of Kosovo. As long as there is Resolution 1244 which states that Kosovo is Serbia, then it really is Serbia.“

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In the meantime, Otadzbina also reacted in a press release, where they highlighted an „unprecedented media attack“ on Ristic. Read the announcement HERE

„The main reason for such ‘excessive co-operation’ by the Serbian President is because, when he came to power, he made a promise to the West. The tragic fate of late Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic is a clear warning to Aleksandar Vucic about what happens to those who do not fulfill such a promise. The Government is justifying the handover of Kosovo to Serbia’s citizens with a promise of a better life after joining the European Union,“ it also read in the letter.

The message on the topic of murdered Prime Minister caused an avalanche of reactions – starting from a headline in the Informer newspaper to messages from top officials from the Srpska Napredna Stranka.

„RISTIC THREATENING THE PRESIDENT: Vucic will end up as Djindjic if he tries to make peace!“ – following this headline in the Informer, the Serbian leadership and SNS concluded that it was a death threat to the Serbian President.

„The attack on the Serbian President through brutal death threats is nothing less than a shameful hate crime of those people who do not respect Vidovdan as a holiday which should unite all Serbs, but who have obviously received an order to act in that way“ – Vice-President of the SNS main board and the Head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric said in a statement in Kosovska Mitrovica.

„Such threats, which come at a moment when the President is dealing with difficult negotiations to preserve Kosovo, ensure the peace and security of Serbian citizens living in our southern province and throughout Serbia, are deplorable. It is unacceptable that, in Serbia, someone is sending death threats to the President „- said Maja Gojkovic, a member of the SNS Presidency and the National Assembly Speaker.

„What is happening today is a step further. You have seen that, in a very perfidious way, through various texts, a climate has been created which has invoked that something evil will happen to Vucic. They even say that he will meet the same fate as Djindjic“ – according to Nebojsa Stefanovic, a member of the SNS Presidency and Serbian Minister of Internal Affairs.

In the meantime,the Socialisticka Partija Srbije, Cedomir Jovanovic, and the Minister of Defense of Serbia, Aleksandar Vulin, also reacted.

„We demand that competent state authorities urgently react to this monstrous threat and take every necessary legal measure“ – the head of the SNS Presidency, Aleksandar Martinovic.

What the SNS leaders see as death threats, the opposition MPs estimate as an attack, an entrapment, and the twisting of the truth. They support their colleague from North Kosovo.

Sanda Raskovic-Ivic: „Napredna Stranka started attacking Slavisa Ristic by twisting the truth. It’s really convenient for them to write about another assault (one of many) on Vucic, instead of telling the people clearly and loudly what they plan to do with Kosovo.“

Dijana Vukomanovic: „Our colleague, Slavisa Ristic is an authentic representative – a Kosovo Serb deputy in the Serbian Parliament. Peacemaker and Peace Keeper. In 2011, I saw with my own eyes when he calmed the situation at the barricades outside his house in Jagnjenica.“

Djordje Vukadinovic: The accusation is a classic SNS-tabloid entrapment. It was just a matter of time until they were going to strike. While preparing to sign a „legally binding“ agreement with Thaci and Haradinaj, the regime is bothered by authentic representatives of Kosovo Serbs. Full support to Slavisa!“

Bosko Obradovic: „Now, the ridiculous Marko Djuric and tragicomic Aleksandar Martinovic will resent Slavisa Ristic, a Serb living in Kosovo, who defended the barricades and fought for Serbs during the hardest days. Whose house, where he lives with his family, was shot at, while they changed politics from the SRS to the SNS.“

Demokratska Stranka Srbije: „We strongly condemn the Government’s campaign against Slavisa Ristic. Using the worst lies and forgeries, he is being framed for sending death threats to the President Aleksandar Vucic.“

For the time being, only the Serbian President and Ristic have not reacted.



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