Adriana Hodzic appointed the new Minister of Local Government Administration

adrijana hodžić haradinaj
Foto: Ramuš Haradinaj

The Kosovo Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj appointed the head of the North Mitrovica Municipal Administration, Adriana Hodzic as the Minister of Local Government Administration today. Hodzic was appointed following the dismissal of the minister from the ranks of Srpska Lista, Ivan Todosijevic earlier this week. Todosijevic was dismissed by Haradinaj because of his statement on the Racak case.

„I appointed Adriana Hodzic, who stands out with her dedication to the well-being of all citizens of Kosovo, as Minister of Local Government Administration today. Her contribution to creating bridges of communication and trust between communities in Kosovo is widely known,“ Haradinaj wrote on Facebook.

The Prime Minister dismissed Todosijevic on Tuesday because of his “hate speech,” as Haradinaj claimed, during a ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of the NATO bombing held in Zvecan.

When asked to comment on the dismissal of ministers from the ranks of Srpska Lista, Haradinaj said that he only dismissed Minister Rikalo, while Todosijevic and Mikic “dismissed themselves.”

The former Kosovo Deputy Justice Minister, Vesna Mikic was dismissed earlier for having a similar attitude about the NATO bombing.

„I am not bragging that I dismissed them because they dismissed themselves,“ Haradinaj said yesterday, adding that he has „no plan on who will take over Todosijevic’s position.“

According to Srpska Lista, Todosijevic’s dismissal is “ethnic intolerance and a human rights violation,” as well as “an attempt to appoint obedient people, who were already called by their real name – the private Serbs of Kosovo Albanians – instead of legal Serb representatives.”

A similar reaction arrived from the Kosovo Office, which claimed that the dismissal confirmed that „Haradinaj only needs obedient Serbs who will give the provisional institutions in Pristina an illusion of multiethnicity.“

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